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Addictively Delightful and Quick to Knit Hat

The cold weather has inspired me to switch from fine weight yarns to chunky weight.  I started by knitting an Insta-Hat in Malabrigo Chunky and now I can't stop knitting this hat!  I have knit six of them so far in three different yarns.  Let me tell you about them!

The hat that started it was knit in the Malabrigo Chunky.  I love working with hand dyed yarns and knitting with Malabrigo.  The colors are so amazing!  This merino wool hat has some great structure to it and is so nice to wear.  


Then I knit one for my wife in Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande.  I enjoy working with this yarn so much.  Since it is baby alpaca it is so soft and so warm.  My wife is sensitive to what fibers she can wear and she has no problems wearing this.  It is good to keep alpaca in mind for those who can't wear wool or those with sensitive skin.  This yarn was so great to work with I made two more hats in different colors.  For the green one I only used the first section of the pattern after the ribbing so the hat just spirals.  I used a cable cast on for these three hats and picked a contrasting color for this.  Then I used the body color and knit one whole row.  Then I joined in the round following the pattern.  

The last hat I made was out of the Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky.  I feel like this is a slightly lighter weight yarn than the Plymouth yarn.  Maybe it is just less lofty. This yarn was a dream to work with too.  The baby alpaca never disappoints!

I have not met too many yarns I didn't like and these three were no different.  I think it would be hard to pick a favorite but I will try!  If I could only make this hat with one of these yarns I would use the Plymouth Baby Alpaca and here is why...The possibilities with this yarn are endless!  You have your solid colors, your tweeds, your hand dyed and Hues.  With all of these different types of yarns ,you are sure to find one that will please everyone who is lucky enough to have you make them a hat.

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