How To Knit Videos - Overview

How To Knit Video Tutorials

Knitting is a rewarding hobby and a great skill to master. But, getting started with something new can be overwhelming. In addition to our quick start knitting guide, if you are a visual learner, these videos will really help you learn the basic stitches and then progress to more advanced techniques.  We made the videos short and sweet (About 1 minute each) to just focus on the stitch so you can watch, replay and learn. Have fun knitting!   

How To Cast On

Knitted Cast On

E-Loop Cast On

Reverse E-Loop Cast On

Long Tail Cast On

Judy's Magic Cast On

Cable Cast On

Basic Stitches

Knit Stitch (Continental Style)

Knit Stitch (English Style)

Purl Stitch (Continental Style)

Purl Stitch (English Style)

Yarnover (YO)

Proper Stitch Placement

Bind Offs

Bind Off (Normal)

Bind Off (In Pattern)

Icelandic Bind Off


Knit Front To Back (KFB)

Make One Right (M1R)

Make One Left (M1L)


Slip, Slip, Knit (SSK)

Sl1, K2tog, Psso

Fixing Mistakes

How To Fix a Dropped Stitch

How To Fix a Dropped Purl Stitch



Size Chart