Loyalty Rewards

Alpaca Direct Loyalty Rewards Program

Our Loyalty Program lets you earn points on every purchase you make over $5 , then you can use the points you have accumulated to purchase products for the equivalent currency value of the points!

Here are some quick links to access you rewards

Here is how the Loyalty Program works!

We have Earning Tiers listed below:

Tier Level Qualification
How do I get to the next tier?
Points Customers Earn
For every dollar spent, how many points are earned?
Points Customers Redeem
How many points are needed to redeem for $'s?
Standard None - Just sign up! $1 = 3 points 500 points = $5

We also have Bonus points - Bonus points are extra points that can be awarded on certain products.
(For example - Earn 5 bonus points when you purchase this product or Double points awarded on specific products)

Just by sign up today to start earning points! (Sign up here)

If you refer us to a friend you can earn a $5 Discount coupon and they also earn a $5 Discount coupon on their first purchase!

Redeeming Points: Just click the 'Rewards' link in the top menu. Once you are logged in, you can see our points and redeem coupons based on your point total. You then redeem the coupon (For instance "$5 Off") by entering your exclusive coupon code at checkout.

It's easy!

Points Expiration: Your points will expire 2 years from the time they are awarded. Don't worry, we'll send you reminders before they expire. 

If for any reason you have a question or problem with your rewards points, 
Please email: customerservice@alpacadirect.com