Huge selection of men's alpaca socks. Extreme Winter Boot Socks, high crew, quarter, dress socks and many more styles to choose. Enjoy warm feet and the luxury feel of alpaca.

Alpaca Direct

Alpaca Snowboard Socks

Size Guide
  • Alpaca Direct Snowboard Socks, 48% alpaca, 40% acrylic, 8% nylon

  • Fewer Blisters with Alpaca socks. Best for rugged outdoor use. Super soft and Comfortable

  • Unisex Sizing: Women's S 5-8, M 8-10, L 10-12

  • Mens S 4-9, M 7-9, L 9-11, XL 11-14

  • Perfect for staying warm in chilly weather, made in Peru

  • Machine wash cold, lay flat to dry

Alpaca Direct Snowboard Socks Perfect for chilly weather! Fewer Blisters with Alpaca Best for rugged outdoor use Super soft and Comfortable. These exceptional Alpaca blend acrylic socks are perfect for keeping your feet toasty during the chilly winter months. Comfortable during all of your winter activity fun! Alpaca Snowboard Socks are a great fit for you if you do anything outside in the winter and want to be comfortable! These snowboard/ski socks have amazing wicking ability to help stop sweating, keeping your foot air dry and warm!!!

Unisex sizing: Women’s S 5-8 M 8-10 L 10-12 Men’s S 4-9 M 7-9 L 9-11 XL 11-14. These socks are for Men and Women. Just order the size that corresponds with your shoe size and you will be all set to go! Machine wash warm. For drying, air dry to keep socks looking great and fresh! These socks can be Machine dried but may felt and shrink. For maximum longevity set out flat and air dry. Made with 48% Peruvian alpaca, 40% soft acrylic, 8% nylon, the perfect alpaca/acrylic socks blend to create a comfortable warm sock that will reduce blisters while being active in new or old SHOES! These socks are wool-free making these the perfect fit for anyone with a wool allergy or anyone in need of softer socks. Great Alpaca socks that make great snowboard socks or ski socks.

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