How I Made the Golden Hour Shawl by Andrea Mowry

The Golden Hour Shawl by Andrea Mowry

I had a great time making the Golden Hour shawl by Andrea Mowry. This pattern uses slip-stitch mosaic knitting. I used Hikoo Kenzie for my shawl, and I'm so please at how it turned out.

There are several reasons I love this pattern:

  1. Andrea used three colors in this design to make a fun and relatively easy pattern.
  2. This type of mosaic knitting, which is done by knitting with one color at a time and using slipped stitches, makes a beautiful fabric.
  3. Andrea Mowry creates lovely patterns, and who doesn’t love a nice cozy shawl?
On my Technique Tuesday live video, I discussed the following topics as they applied to the Golden Hour Shawl:

  1. How to make a better garter tab.
  2. An easy way to choose colors: Use the same color in different tints. A tint is when white is added to the color.
  3. Slip-stitch mosaic knitting is fun.

  4. How to make a better bobble: the reverse stockinette stitch bobble with a centered decrease using the bind off method.

Here's a Replay of Our Live Video Covering The Shawl

(About 25 minutes)

Changes I made to my Golden Hour shawl:

  1. I used Hikoo Kenzie because of the great color choices, the beautiful halo this yarn exhibits when blocked, and the perfect match of yarn and pattern.

  2. I used my favorite bobble instead of the one in the pattern, as I wanted my bobbles to be perfectly centered.
  3. The pattern asks you to bind off right after you complete a YO, K2tog section and join a new color. I chose to knit two rows in garter using the new color, to make the picot edge look more even and substantial. (Word of warning—make sure you have enough yarn as the bind off takes tons of yarn to complete. This is another reason to use Kenzie, because you have extra yardage if you buy two skeins in each of the colorways.)
  4. My measurements before a good blocking were 64” wide by 26” long. the shawl fits me just fine and I really enjoyed making this project. The pattern is well-written and provides enough complexity to keep your interest but it's not so difficult that you can’t knit the project quickly.
Supplies Needed

Yarn:Hikoo Kenzie two skeins in each color. Ruapeho #1022, Glacier #1010, TEKAPO #1013

Knitting Needles: US #8 or in size needed to obtain gauge

Stitch markers: Alpaca Direct set of 40 locking markers

Tapestry needle: Chibi darning needles for weaving in ends.

Here's a video on Making Perfect Bobbles For This Shawl

(About 4 minutes)

Here's a vide on the Picot Edge

(About 4 minutes)

Here's a video on a smooth Garter Tab

(About 5 Minutes)

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