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Discount Codes and Promotions

Discount codes and promotions

Looking for Alpaca Direct coupon codes? You’ve come to the right place! Browse our very best deals and promo codes, including offers on top-brand yarns and our exclusive socks and apparel. New Alpaca Direct discounts and deals are added daily, so check back often to save big!

Current discount codes and promotions

Free USA Shipping Discount - This discount is offered on occasion to website visitors. A popup will appear and you can sign up for our newsletter and get access to a discount code. This code is allowed one use per customer. 

Ongoing, we offer Free USA Shipping on all orders over $49.  No discount code is needed!  

Military Discount - We offer a 10% discount to those who are serving to protect our nation and those veterans who have served in the past.  We will provide you with a unique code as a thank you for your service.  Learn more here.

Current Promotions

We offer everyday discounts on many of our products.  In addition, we run specials that can be accessed via the 'Sales' menu from the top of the website. Here you will find our clearance sale and any other seasonal promotions

 Bulk Purchase Promotions

The more you buy, the more you save!  

How our discount codes work

You can apply your discount code during checkout.  Enter the code on the right side of the checkout page.  The code will be validated and discount will be applied once the validation is approved. Please note that many discount codes are limited to 1 use per customer.  In addition, many codes are date sensitive and the code must be valid prior to the expiration date cutoff.  

Discount codes cannot be stacked so please use the best code available to you and enjoy your savings. 

Discount codes can only be applied on our website. If you purchase on other websites like Amazon the code will not be applicable due to the high fees charged to us by Amazon. 


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