How To Buy Alpaca Socks

Here's a quick guide to buying the best men's alpaca socks and the best women's alpaca socks.

Choosing the best alpaca socks for you or your loved one can be a little overwhelming with all the styles we offer. This guide is here to help you make the best decision whether your purchase is for yourself or as a gift.
We manufacture most of our socks to provide you factory direct pricing and the highest quality alpaca socks. We also carry a variety of alpaca socks under the Alpaca Direct brand.
Alpaca Socks Overview
Alpaca socks are unique in that alpaca is a hollow core fiber. This means the yarns that make up the socks wrap your foot like a radiator carrying warm air to keep your feet warm when it's cold outside. In addition, alpaca fiber is 5 times stronger than wool and the scale height of each fiber is about 30% as high as wool. Scales are small barbs on the fiber that can be scratchy when worn on sensitive skin resulting in a more comfortable fit. This is why many people who say they are allergic to wool have no issues when wearing alpaca. The other great feature about the smaller scale height is that the fiber is very smooth resulting in less blisters and rubbing on your feet during hikes or long walks. Our dress socks are both lightweight and warm making them the perfect complement for your dress shoes.
Another great feature about alpaca socks is how well they wick moisture. This occurs when we blend the hollow core fiber of alpaca with synthetic fibers to add stretch and durability. This combination along with our specific knitting styles wicks the moisture away from your feet and up the length of the sock where it quickly dissipates keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Here's a quick summary of all these features that make alpaca socks so unique.
Types Of Alpaca Socks
We carry natural fiber alpaca socks made with a blend of alpaca and synthetic materials to give the socks stretch, durability and comfort. They are also machine washable. We often get calls asking for 100% baby alpaca socks, however these are not practical as one trip through the washer and dryer will result in a sock that has 'Felted' and has shrunk to the size appropriate for a doll, but not your foot. We work with our factories to put as much alpaca as possible while still maintaining the durability, fit and comfort our customers have come to expect. Some of our socks are made with Alpacor. This is a patented process that wraps the alpaca around a tencel core. This is a very complex process and results in a warm, durable alpaca sock. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of creating this fiber, we have been unable to find a factory able to produce these socks so until we do, our supplies are limited to what we have in stock.

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How To Care For Your Alpaca Socks
We are often asked how best to care for alpaca socks when using a washer and dryer. Nearly all our alpaca socks will recommend washing in cool water and also cool drying or air dry. Try to avoid hot water as this can make natural fibers felt and reduce the long term wear of your socks. As simple tip is to just pull your socks out from the washer and set them on top of your dryer and they'll likely be dried by the time your dryer load is complete since they wick moisture away so quickly!
Alpaca Socks Make Great Gifts
Every year we hear from thousands of our customers online and in our store how they have family members asking for "Another pair of those alpaca socks like you gave me last year" and we look forward to helping keep the tradition alive year after year. Consider giving the gift of warmth this year to a loved one. If they like to ski, they will love our socks and spend more time on the slopes! Once they experience the elimination of cold feet and start enjoying being outside during the winter you will have them asking for more alpaca socks year after year.

Typical Features in Our Alpaca Socks