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Stay Warm During The Winter Chills With Alpaca Socks

With the holidays behind us and the a new year ahead, it’s time to focus on our goals for 2014.  One of my goals this year is to really improve my skiing skills.  We got up before sunrise on Saturday and headed up to Lookout Pass to get there right when the ski lifts opened.  My son was patiently giving me lessons as I tried new runs and techniques. It was great to spend time with him as I worked on improving my skills.  About 3 hours into my private lesson with him I realized I was cold...really cold!  In fact, I was so cold that I could no longer concentrate on my ski techniques and had to take a break from the cold and go inside the ski lodge.  What was the matter?  My fingers don’t usually burn...and my toes were numb.  Was it my new Jacket?  I normally wear a North Face Jacket but today I wore an Obermeyer Jacket.  I have another Obermeyer jacket that I wear for horse back riding and have never had a problem.  What was different?  I couldn’t figure it out.  Why was I so cold when under normal conditions, I would stop skiing because I was tired not because I was cold.  We decided to call it a day in the early afternoon and drove home to warm up.  It wasn’t until I was removing my snow clothes that I figured it out. I had been wearing regular merino wool socks and not my trusty alpaca socks.  I never wear anything but my alpaca when I know it’s going to be cold outside.  I would never chance being uncomfortable when I have the perfect solution, especially our new Alpacor ski socks that are super warm and great at wicking moisture out of my ski boots.

[caption id="attachment_982" align="alignleft" width="200"]Alpaca Direct Ski Sock Alpaca Direct Ski Sock[/caption] [caption id="attachment_977" align="alignleft" width="300"]Alpacor Sock Technology Alpacor Sock Technology[/caption]

 When I got up that morning it was dark and I accidentally grabbed the wrong pair of socks.  What a huge mistake!  I can tell you, I will not make that mistake again!  If there are any of you out there who get cold feet and can’t seem to get warm, come in and give our alpaca socks a try!  This weekend was a big reminder of what life in the cold was before my alpaca socks and I don’t want to repeat it and wouldn’t want you to either!


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