7 Reasons People Are Switching To Alpaca Socks

1. Warmer Than Wool

Alpaca is a hollow core fiber that acts like little insulator tubes around your feet. The cold air gets trapped in the inner core of the fiber and keeps your feet nice and toasty. This natural insulation ability allows alpaca to keep your feet up to 3 times warmer than wool.

2. Say Goodbye To Blisters

Alpaca fiber is smoother than wool..by a lot! This allows your feet to move smoothly within your shoe and avoid getting blisters. All fiber has scales but alpaca fiber is 5x less than wool. This is also why wool often feels scratchy against your skin.

3. Alpaca Is Hypoallergenic

Because Alpaca does not contain lanolin, it is a naturally hypoallergenic fiber. Wool has lanolin, a sticky substance that attracts all kinds of stuff...like the stuff you're allergic too.

4. Alpaca Wicks Moisture Better Than Wool

Alpaca is resistant to external moisture penetration. When our socks are blended with synthetic fibers for stretch and strength, the moisture naturally wicks up and out of your shoe keeping your feet warm and dry.

5. Alpaca is Softer Than Wool

There's nothing like slipping your feet into a soft, luxurious alpaca sock. What a great way to start your day. Alpaca fiber is normally around 20-23 microns in diameter while sheep's wool is between 35-45 microns. The thin, lightweight alpaca fiber feels dreamy soft compared to wool.

6. Say Goodbye To Odors With Alpaca Socks

Because alpaca socks are so great at wicking away moisture you can avoid the dirty sock odor smell after a day walking the trails. I'm sure the person in charge of laundry at your house will love this feature!

7. Alpacas Are Just Cuter Than Sheep

Let's face it. Alpacas are just too cute and the world is better place with alpacas in our pastures. Let's make sure they stay employed and live happy lives while growing their fleece each year to keep our feet warm.

But you won't really know how great Alpaca Socks are until your try them yourself.