How To Make The Cloudberry Mittens by Amy Christoffers

Cloudberry Fingerless Mitts Project + Choosing The Best Yarn For Your Project

I loved this design from Berroco using Ultra Alpaca and also wanted to try it with their new Ultra Alpaca Eco yarn for an all-natural alternative. Here's some tips on how I modified the pattern to match my hands. In the videos below I shared some tips on how to place scrap yarn and pick up your stitches later for an Afterthought thumb or heel.
cloudberry fingerless mittens

Cloudberry Fingerless Pattern Modifications
To Work With Berroco Ultra Alpaca and Ultra Alpaca Eco

Project List

Here's a list of the products including a Free Pattern used in the tutorial


Here's two short technique videos (About 4 minutes each)
Here's the full weekly episode (About 30 minutes)

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