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AD Sockalong Giveaway!

We're nearing the end of the Sockalong, and we think it's about time to host a giveaway here on the Alpaca Direct blog! This giveaway is open for everyone, whether or not you're participating in the Sockalong. You can still join the Sockalong in the Alpaca Direct Ravelry Group. You can also catch up with all our previous blog posts: July 23: Sock Knit-A-Long July 30: Ready to Start Our First Knit-A-Long! July 31: Working the Toe August 6: Sock Progress Report August 14: Adding Patterns to Your Socks Blockers (1)   Giveaway Enter for your chance to win Sock Blockers! These are used for blocking your socks after you've finished knitting them to help even out the stitches, shape the socks, and make sure they are nice and clean before their first wearing. To enter leave a comment on this post telling us about your sock knitting experiences. Haven't knit socks yet? Tell us what's holding you back! Want to know more about knitting socks, and have a question for us? Is there a sock related topic you think we should do a tutorial on? We'll choose one lucky winner on Sunday, August 31. Good luck! Note: You must be a US resident to enter.


Posted by Carolyn Ross on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I’ve been knitting socks for the past few years and I love the superwash merino fingering weight yarns for them. Top down or toe up, two at a time and a multitude of heel designs make each pair a learning experience and a valued gift for myself or others. Whenever there’s a desire to knit something quickly, sometimes mindlessly, but always satisfying in the end, sock knitting can’t be beat.

Posted by fldaigle on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I have yet to complete a pair of socks and was hoping I’d be able to participate in this KAL. Summer was just to hectic with the arrival of a new granddaughter and moving my husband from Washing to Louisiana and a son from New York to California. Whew!!! No wonder I’m tired, :-). I hope that you’ll do another one soon and that I’ll be able to participate.

Posted by Rose Scott on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I have yet to make a pair of socks. The knitting in the round intimidates me.

Posted by Linda on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I just had a pair of socks turn out so differently because I did not check the dye lot numbers. You’d never know they were from the same yarn. Live and learn.
Lmecoll on Ravelry

Posted by Jamie Walcott on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

My fav experience knitting socks is using the hiya hiya circular needles because it makes the knitting glide along smoothly, unlike using fiddly dpn’s.

Posted by Lynn Pettigrove on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I have made baby booties but have not made socks for myself yet. Worried that they will be too tight as my left leg tends to swell I am not sure how to make them for this. Should I use yarn with elastic? Heard conflicting things so have not attempted them yet.

Posted by Merry on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I am absolutely addicted to knitting socks. I rarely knit anything else and get super excited by new patterns and/or yarn. Socks are magic!
wahoomerryf on Ravelry

Posted by Andrea B on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I’ve done quite a few socks but have learned not to do the toes while knitting in public. After 4 rows I discovered I was knitting my toe 90-degrees from where it should be.

Posted by JoyceAnna D'Alessandro on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I love knitted socks but i’m so slow at it!

Posted by Connie K. on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I have knit A sock, yep, just one. Still trying to conquer sock knitting and these sock blockers may be just the encouragement I need to go on.

Posted by InJuneau on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I’ve knit a couple of pairs of socks and love them. Now I need to knit some for my husband!

Posted by Patsy Coats on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I ’ve knitted several pairs of socks for my sisters, but none for me, yet.

Posted by Michelle on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I literally just started my first pair of socks yesterday and I’m already 1/2 way done with one. I’m loving it! I think I’m already addicted! I’d love to be able to block them properly and these would certainly do the trick!

Posted by Susan M. on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I have yet to knit socks. I don’t know why, but I am intimidated by the thought! I kit sweaters, shawls, scarves, cowls. I think socks should be my next challenge!

Posted by Lynn Pettigrove on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

Doesn’t matter if they don’t match that is the style now. Look how much some companies are charging to buy mismatched you got them and much cheaper! Plus the fun of making them!

Posted by PPK on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I enjoy making socks. I’m generally a two at a time, toe up on two needles sock maker.

Posted by Rachel ravelry 100Creations on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I love knitting socks! after bigger projects they knit up so fast. They are so fun to wear too.

Posted by Phyllis Drackley on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

Working on my first in the round project now. Socks are next!

Posted by SherryG. on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I have knit a few socks but always had to use a heel flap because I constantly messed up the heel. I just learn how to do a FishLip heel and it is fantastic. I just finished my first toe up sock because I wouldn’t calculate the correct amount of yarn top down. I now need to find the toe design that works best for me.

Posted by amchart on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I enjoy knitting socks when I actually manage to do it. I’m forever telling myself I don’t have time.

Posted by Myha on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I am on my second toe-up 2AAT socks and am looking forward to making a few more pairs for the upcoming winter. :)

Posted by sheila on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I do not have a pair and to win one would be great!

Posted by Jan on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I learned to knit just so I could make socks! I haven’t tried two at a time but have usually knitted them in the round with circs. The last three pair I have used the tiny HiYa HiYa needles and they are so fun.

Posted by Patty on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I am ready to start my first pair of socks. Yarn, purchased. Needles, ready. I’m on the edge of my seat, ready to take the plunge. Just need a push of encouragement!

Posted by Lee on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I really enjoy knitting socks! I have numerous patterns in my queue and always have at least one pair on the needles. Beware of second sock syndrome, though!

Posted by Elizabeth on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I have finished a couple pairs of socks. I have worn ONE pair of socks I knit… and now they’re stretched out. So I suppose I need to wash (and block) them. I have yet to take the plunge!

Posted by Quinn Piper on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

forgot to say, I’m Quinn on ravelry. Thanks for the giveaway opp!

Posted by quinn on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

Socks are my favorite project, cuff-down, on dpns. Totally addictive!

Posted by Olena on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I know how to knit socks since I was maybe 10 year-old. But my Mom and I have never had sock blockers, so I would be happy to have one. Thanks.

Posted by StaceyKnitsIt on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I’ve knit a nice amount of socks and want to knit more, but my test knitting has kept me from knitting socks lately. There are so many pairs I’d love to make. I want to also try toe-up and after thought heel. I don’t have any sock blockers, so these would be very welcome.

Posted by lauren on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I have the yarn, the needles, even a lifeline thread. Damned if I can find my stitch counter or measuring tape. I’m just afraid of spending so much time making a pair, only to find they’re not the same size… Someday I’ll work up the nerve.

Posted by Chris on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

would love these sock blockers for my crocheted socks and am being persuaded into learning how to knit socks too by a few friends who feel they can teach me how to use 2 sticks instead of 1 ;)

Posted by Jody on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I was always scared to try knitting socks but knit my first pair this year & now several more! Now I always have a pair of socks on my needles!

Posted by Mary on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I’ve made socks before but this was my first attempt at toe- up. I haven’t decided which method I prefer.

Posted by dystini on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I just finished my 8th pair of socks plus I have a pair of tights started (just a pair of toes at the moment). I’m about to cast on a pair using my very first handspun yarn. dystini on Ravelry

Posted by Monica on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I would love to win these! I am new to sock knitting so these wold be very welcome as I can see they will be addicting.

Posted by Alexis M. on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I struggle with knitting adult size socks because I feel like double pointed needles slow me down. Considering a switch to magic loop to speed things up!

Posted by Gail Mitchell on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I’m new to sock knitting. In fact, I just finished my first pair! So I would love to win a pair!

Posted by gussek on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I love knitting socks! These blockers would be great! Thanks

Posted by susan G on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I have knit a lot of socks but never used sock blockers. I prefer to knit them cuff down on dpns – I keep saying I am going to try 2 at a time, and i start them and never finish!!

Posted by imakethisandthat on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I love hand knit socks but I am quite slow at knitting them. I love fancy yarn with a basic pattern.

Posted by Brandi on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I haven’t knitted socks, but I plan to try a pair as my next project!

Posted by Penny on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

What a shame those living in Canada can’t participate and you have to live in the US to participate. I would love to win sock blockers. I have been knitting socks but have yet to purchase a nice set. In fact, I have been using a pair of Halloween feet to put socks on to photograph but they don’t block them.

Posted by tami Shaughnessy on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I’ve knit SO many socks that it takes a really special pattern to get my interest now. I DO love knitting them, though, for myself or as gifts.

Posted by B. Brenner on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

So far I have fully knit two pairs of socks and am working on my third pair. The first two were just ones to sleep in and the first came out a little big and the second (through following the pattern) wound up too short so I needed to pick up stitches to add more length. That one and the ones I am currently working on are knit on straight needles and, to me at least, it seems like that way takes longer than in the round; go figure. Someday I’d like to try knitting them toe-up, that certainly makes it easier to make sure they fit :-)

Posted by Elizabeth on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

Ever since making my first pair of socks I am addicted to the process! I do not feel complete without a pair of socks on my sticks (along with all my other projects). To have sock blockers would make my sock addiction complete!!!!

Posted by d. smith on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

last year’s historically cold and snowy winter kept me indoors, too, too much. so that i could feel productive, i took an online sock knitting class. the rest is history, my addiction, my over stacked sock drawer, etc lol. sock blockers would be a great addition to my craft!

Posted by minibea12 on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

Sorry about the typo! Should read I need to try again and knit a pair for myself!

Posted by minibea12 on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I knitted a pair of socks and followed the directions well. When done they fit my big brother! I need to try again and knit a pair for myshelf!

Posted by Janice on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I love making socks that aren’t exactly the same. It’s much more fun when the stripes start in a different place. keeps everyone wondering. I just need to keep the pattern with the remaining yarn so that I can make the second sock out of the same yarn. LOL

Posted by KJo on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I have recently finished my most challenging sock knitting attempt ever and it mostly worked out!
I was knitting a pair of socks two at time, one inside the other, toe-up, using illusion knitting technique, knitting the inside sock inside-out so that the illusion image would be reversed.
It was just as hard and crazy as it sounds.


Posted by Mari Luke on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

Props to you for diving in with small yarn and needles on your first pair of socks! We’d love to see a photo, you can share it with us on Ravelry or Facebook.

Posted by elizaanne189 on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

This is my first pair of socks, and it’s been a real learning experience. Trying to juggle small needles, small yarn, and fiddly bits like double wraps has been an exercise in patience and precision! I would recommend that a first time sock knitter use a larger yarn, like worsted, so that everything is on a bigger scale! This has been fun and a good motivator because I’ve wanted to get sock knitting into my knitting repertoire…and the first is always the hardest.

Posted by Mary on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I love knitting socks. Fast, easy projects that are great for on-the-go knitting. I usually have 1 in my purse and 1 in the car as you never know when there will be downtime, and I hate to have a knitting emergency (nothing to work on)!

Posted by Alexis on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I’d love to win these! I have yet to knit a pair of socks because I am afraid of DPNs and don’t know the magic loop method or how to knit with 2 circs. These would give me more of an incentive to learn! :)

Posted by Carmen N on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I’ve knit one whole pair. I started them two years ago and finally finished the second sock this year. My challenge is that I want to learn magic loop next but haven’t had time. I also want to try toe-up socks. I had hoped to participate in the sockalong but this summer got away from me.

Posted by Mari Luke on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

There are a few things you can do to make sure the leg will fit nicely:
1. Use a nice stretchy stitch pattern on the leg like a ribbing
2. Go up a needle size on the leg.
We hope you’ll try knitting socks! They are great fun and wonderful to wear too.

Posted by Mari Luke on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

You could always knit them two at a time so that they are sure to end up the same length!

Posted by Mari Luke on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

You could also try the two circulars method. We suggest trying several techniques until you find what works best for you.

Posted by Mari Luke on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

That sounds amazing!

Posted by Michelle on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

So, who won?

Posted by Nicholas Lemonds on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I have an aversion to toe-up socks. All the socks I knit are cuff-down. I don’t know why! Thanks for the giveaway!
RAV ID – NLemonds

Posted by LW on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 18:02

I love to knit socks!

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