by Kathleen Cubley February 20, 2020 2 min read

A new baby is something to be celebrated, and this coming May, shop owner Kelley is going to welcome her second granddaughter. So exciting!

claire's baby hat

I don't know about you, but I still have some of my own baby clothes saved carefully in my hope chest. These include a receiving blanket and a couple of handmade dresses; they're such wonderful keepsakes.

Kelley designed a future keepsake for her new grand baby, Claire—a hat fittingly named Clair's Baby Hat. It's knit with our new luxury yarn, Bravo, a 100-percent baby alpaca yarn, so it'll be warm, cozy, and beautiful. We are so proud of this luscious yarn!

Some of you might wonder about using alpaca yarn for babies, and we understand your reluctance. But we think the luxury of alpaca should be shared with everyone! Think of this like a silver cup or spoon, a classic baby gift that will be treasured.

And as knitters, we are privileged to be able to make super-special gifts for people we love. Just be sure to include some washing instructions with your baby hat so Mom and Dad can make it last forever.

Kelley featured Claire's Baby Hat in a recent Technique Tuesday broadcast on Facebook Live.

The hat comes in three sizes: baby, toddler, and child. You can knit one for each of the kids in your family!

Skills you'll practice while knitting this pattern include the German twisted cast-on (aka Old Norwegian cast-on), which is a great all-purpose cast-on that's slightly more elastic than the long-tail cast-on. 

Kelley designed this hat to use reversible cables so when the brim is folded up, the cables look the same on the back as they do on the front. This is a cool way to make a brimmed hat without using a separate stitch for the brim.

You'll want to know how to knit cables without a cable needle for this project—such a time-saver!

We hope you'll love making this special hat for a special child. 



Kathleen Cubley
Kathleen Cubley

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