by Kelley Hobart August 13, 2019 2 min read

I love the look of mosaic knitting, and I wanted to try the technique with crochet. I found a wonderful tutorial on YouTube from AnnooCrochet Designs, so I thought I'd try it. 

First, I needed to explore the concept of mosaic crochet. I knew that in mosaic knitting you knit with two colors, but you only use one per row, knitting with one color while slipping the stitches of the other.

The concept is similar in crochet; you crochet using two colors, crocheting with one at a time. You crochet across the row in your main color, drop that color by placing a safety pin in the loop on your hook, then you go back to the beginning of the row, pick up the second color, and crochet around the row below.

One of my favorite things about mosaic crochet is that the fabric is reversible, so it looks great on both sides.

Mosaic Baby Blanket by AnnooCrochet

Finished measurements: 34 x 46"

YarnPlymouth Encore Worsted Colorspun in color #7403 (background color), 3 balls; Plymouth Encore Worsted in color #29 (main color), 3 balls

Hooks: Chain with a J hook and crochet with an H hook.

Notes: Try to keep the fabric soft and squishy without having the work look sloppy.


Chain in multiples of 3. With J hook, chain 93 in background color. Switch to H hook.

Row 1: SC in 1st ch *ch 2, sk 2 ch, sc in next ch* repeat to last ch, sc, use a safety pin to secure background color of yarn loop.

Row 2:Go back to beginning of row 1. Using main color, pass hook through 1st sc and join with a slip stitch, ch 3. Around 1st ch 2 space * 3 dc, ch 1* across row. End row with dc in last st. Pick up background color and slip stitch to join. Remove pin.

Row 3: Ch 2 turn. Using background color, *in between the 3 dc and under the white yarn, make a V stitch (dc, ch 1, dc) in same stitch.* repeat to last stitch, dc (I did mine with hdc, ch 1). Use your safety pin to hold the white yarn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 for pattern.

Here's the Technique Tuesday video episode I dedicated to this project. 

Kelley Hobart
Kelley Hobart

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