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by kjirstine Prickett June 02, 2017 2 min read

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Koolaid and Easter Egg dye. Inexpensive, brightly colored ... perfect for dyeing wool. When the sun is shining, pull out the pots and have some fun.

Alpaca Direct has several choices of yarn die-ready yarn to choose from:

Now to the dying!

2014-04-30 07.57.30

Here's some of my stash that I thought might work. I don't pretend to be an expert in dyeing, I used Google liberally to look up instructions and directions. On the stove top, I dyed 12 ounces of Targhee roving with "Ghoul Berry" (blackberry) Koolaid. 

Dye pot on the stove

Dye pot on the stove

I decided not to pre soak it, but added it to the dye pot dry. I was hoping for a mottled look. It didn't quite come out as I hoped, but I am hoping it will spin up nicely. I may also re-dye it, because a dye disaster is never the end. You can always dye it again!

Targhee roving, dyed with Koolaid, drying Targhee roving, dyed with Koolaid, drying

I also had my roaster pan going, for painted yarns. I used Easter egg dye for these. After I mixed the dye, I put plastic wrap on the counter and laid out the pre-soaked roving and yarns. 

2014-04-30 08.47.07 Grey wool/alpaca painted with purple egg dye.

After each one was painted, I secured the plastic. 

2014-04-30 09.35.39

Handspun Targhee yarn, dyed with egg dye and koolaid

They steamed about 45 minutes in the roaster.

2014-04-30 10.30.15

I took them out and cooled them to room temperature before rinsing, spinning the water out, and hanging them to dry.

2014-04-30 10.30.08

I used the dip dye/jar method for this yarn, also with egg dye.

2014-04-30 09.17.42 Handspun Targhee, dyed with egg dye

I steamed it in a stock pot, on a rack. When the color was right, I sat them on the counter to cool to room temperature too. After lots of rinsing and spinning out, I hung them to dry out side. 

2014-04-30 11.26.48

Handspun yarns, dyed with koolaid and egg dye. Completely non-toxic and easy!

2014-04-30 10.29.51

Wool/alpaca roving painted with purple egg dye.

I also put some handspun grey yarn to soak and then put it in the crockpot with koolaid: 

Soak yarn before dyeing, about 20 minutes.

Soak yarn before dyeing, about 20 minutes.

I placed the damp yarn in the crock pot and gently poured hot dye over it, making sure the fiber was completely covered. 

Crockpot set on high.

Crockpot set on high.

Let it cook until the dye is exhausted, or you get the color you want. 

Natural grey and brown wool, dyed with Blue Raspberry Lemonade Koolaid

Natural grey and brown wool, dyed with Blue Raspberry Lemonade Koolaid

I used the same technique for some Suri Locks. These I contained in an onion bag, but soaked and poured the same. 

The dye studio

This was a great one day project that yielded some wonderful colorways. Now on to making some knitted creations with my hand dyed yarns!

kjirstine Prickett
kjirstine Prickett

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October 05, 2016

Wow!!! I never would’ve thought of Easter egg dye. Brilliant!

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