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Feels like Summer's End

Here in Northern Idaho it's starting to feel like the end of summer. The light has changed, and the weather feels different. It's not fall yet, but I know it's coming. My kids will return to school in the next few weeks, so I'm doing back to school preparations. The first games of the fall soccer season are this weekend and stores have begun to advertise hunting season. I am not ready to let go of summer yet. My kids and I are trying to cram in more trips to the lake, savoring every moment of warmth and sunshine. I usually drive them to the lake and then sit on the shore, reading or knitting. [caption id="attachment_585" align="aligncenter" width="450"]My lake shore essentials My lake shore essentials[/caption] Don't get me wrong, I love the all the seasons. One of the best things about this area is four distinct seasons. I even love the snow (when I can stay home and not drive in it), but most years, summer is the shortest season of the four, so I value it while it's here. The best thing about cooler weather coming on is that fiber arts come into their own. Scarves, hats, gloves....I love to make them and wear them! I am crocheting the Beatrix Potter Stole from Cascade Baby Alpaca Lace Paints #9988 Firebird. This colorway caught my eye a while back, and stole pattern is simple enough to accent the color variation. So for now I will soak up the sun and try not to focus on Summer's End. When I wear this scarf in the winter, maybe some of the sunshine of summer will come back. At least the memory of it :-) Kjirstine

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