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Finding My Fade with Mechita

I fell in love with Malabrigo Mechita when I was knitting my Starting Point Wrap—it's the gray color, and I so looked forward to those sections. (No, I'm not done with this, but I'm close! I have both halves done, and I'm working on the center finishing.)

When the new speckled colorways showed up in the shop, I simply had to have it. But I like to have a plan for my yarn, so I thought I would finally take on Andrea Mowry's Find Your Fade shawl. I know so many people who've knit this shawl, and it's always gorgeous.

I saw a great example knit with the new Mechita colors, from Kelley at Fancy Tiger Crafts, and I was inspired.

For my shawl, though, I don't want the blue sections. The plan is to go from yellow to red to dark red/charcoal, sort of like Andrea's shawl. So I ordered up seven colors of Mechita, hoping for the best.

I got 90% best, which I think is pretty good! I thought a rose color might be a good transition, and boy was I wrong! Here are the six colors that I think work:

The colors are, from left to right: Renaissance, Carnival, Paprika, Glitter, Aureo, and Frank Ochre. There's a space in the middle waiting for a transitional color. I ordered a skein of Volcan, shown below right, and I'm going to order a skein of Art Nouveau, below left.

I don't know, it's hard to pick! I'm leaning toward Volcan, but I'll have to see it in person. Maybe I'll just knit the shawl with the colors I have, but I really do think there's a transition color missing.

The rose color that doesn't work is at right. Nope!!

If I were willing to get something other than Mechita, know I could find a good color easily, but I don't want to do that. I love this yarn, and I want it all to feel the same. Am I crazy?

I'll keep you updated, friends.

UPDATE: The Vulcan worked! Art Nouveau was way too green.


P.S. Have you knit this shawl? What was your color-choice process? Leave a comment and share it with me.

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