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Today's post is a wonderful cast on that looks similar to the picot cast-on, but is extremely stretchy! This cast-on uses a double strand of yarn, making it very sturdy too, and perfect for items that will get lots of wear. We love this cast-on for socks and mittens, but you could use it on anything where you'd like a beautiful and stretchy edging.


super stretchy picot cast on

Step 1: Measure out a tail that is twice the length you would need for a long-tail cast-on. Fold it in half and make a slip knot where the two strands come together. Be sure to leave a short tail for weaving in later.

Step 2: Place the slip knot on your needle. Hold the yarn in the slingshot position, with the single strand—the one connected to your ball of yarn—going over the index finger and the double-strand tail around your thumb. Wrap the double-strand counterclockwise twice around your thumb.

Step 3: Reach the needle behind the single strand of yarn (the one on your index finger), as if making a yarn over.

Step 4: Insert the needle tip up under the two doubled tails on the thumb.

Step 5: Reach over the top of the single strand as you did in Step 3.

Step 6: Pull the loop through. 

Step 7: Drop the yarn from your thumb and pull on the ends so that stitches are snug on the needle.

You have just cast on 2 stitches! Repeat Steps 3-7.

Working the First Row

After completing your cast-on, you'll notice that your first stitch (the slip knot) is a double strand. Depending on whether you need an even number of stitches or an odd number of stitches, you'll work this double-stranded first stitch differently.

Purl all the stitches with bumps on them.

Knit all the stitches without bumps.

Alternate knit and purl stitches until you come to your last stitch.

If you need an odd number of stitches, you'll purl the two strands together.

If you need an even number of stitches, you will p1, k1.

We hope you'll give the Super Stretchy Picot Cast On a try! We'd love to hear how you've used it, and see your project photos, so please add your comments! This cast on can also be used for a stretchy edging on stockinette and k2, p2 ribbing.

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Kelley Hobart
Kelley Hobart

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