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Local Fiber Artist Love!

Recently Alpaca Direct has teamed up with Shooting Yarns, a local fiber artist here in Northern Idaho.  Susan Schroeder has an amazing sense of color and design. Her hand painted colorways are unique and inspiring.   I'll let Susan tell you about herself- [caption id="attachment_1034" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Susan and Susie Q Susan and Susie Q[/caption]

Shooting Yarn

"Shooting Yarn is located at The Rusty Spur Ranch in Rathdrum, ID, where we have a small heard of Angora Goats guarded by our llama, Suzie Q, who try and ignore the quacking, clucking, barking and meowing of the other residents.

I began to knit many years ago because my husband told me I needed to find something different to do than reading in the truck, because I would get annoyed when he interrupted me to talk.  He soon found out that interrupting a knitter is just as bad as interrupting a reader….  I had attempted to learn to crochet from my mom, but it was a total bomb.  So I thought I’d try knitting, and after a lot of cussing and dropped stitches, I did it!  Knitting led to handspinning,  because boy was that handspun pretty and I have this thing about doing it myself…. Which of course led to dyeing, because I love color.  Then a drumcarder to make batts.  And then I had to pay for all this!  I gave my job the boot in spring of 2012 and fiber is now my full-time passion!  I hope you love fiber as much as I do, and happy spinning!"

  Kelley's Treasure is an exclusive colorway Susan created just for Alpaca Direct! It's available in three fiber options: Merino Roving MERINO_KellysTreasure_200 Merino Tencel Roving MT_KellysTreasure_200 Panda Sock PANDA_KellysTreasure_200 All of the Shooting Yarns colorways are beautiful and versatile. Find some color inspiration and support an Indie yarn dyer.   You can view these yarns and many other hand dye yarns on our website at  

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