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Our Alpaca socks have been a big hit again this year.  The great news is we just received a huge shipment of socks so you can get them in time for winter and the holiday season. It seems demand for our socks grows every year as they make great gifts.  We hear daily from our customers that the socks they gave last year to loved ones were on the top of the shopping list to give again this year. There's nothing like giving the gift of warm feet! As most of you know, alpaca socks are a big step up in warmth from wool due to their hollow-core fiber.  In addition, they are hypoallergenic,  soft and luxurious.  We offer three basic categories of alpaca socks based on your needs.

Alpaca Direct luxury socks These socks have a very high alpaca content in them while keeping them machine washable.  Anything higher in alpaca content and they will felt in the washer making them great for your doll collection but useless for your feet.  Our thickest, warmest socks are the Alpaca Direct Winter Boot Socks .

The great news is we just got a big shipment of them in yesterday and we now have them in some great colors like purple, pink, green and blue in addition to the traditional grey and black.    These socks are all time favorites with our customers and make a great gift for someone  who spends a lot of time outside in the cold weather or for anyone who complains of cold feet.          

Alpaca Direct Sport Socks Our line of sport socks have been selling like hotcakes with rave reviews.   The key to these socks is our unique designs combined with the patented Alpacor® fiber. 


This is a very technical fiber that goes through 18 processing steps just to make the yarn.  The alpaca fibers are wrapped around a Tencel core to give you a lightweight yet warm and durable sock.  The entire sock is made with this fiber so you get the benefits of Alpacor® from shin to toe.  

These socks are truly amazing,  we wear them all winter here in North Idaho and took them on our trip to Africa this summer to test them on a Safari in the heart of Zambia.  They kept us cool in the African heat and were excellent at wicking away moisture to keep our feet dry. 

Leopard we saw on Safari in Zambia           


Alpaca Direct Ski Sock

Alpaca Direct Sport Quarter Sock


Dahlgren Alpaca Socks Ray Dahlgren founded Dahlgren socks many years ago and is truly a world-class sock designer.  He discovered the benefits of Alpaca and incorporated it into his socks to create designs that are very comfortable and have a patented Dristride® wicking system that combines wicking channels with a mix in both natural and synthetic fibers to wick moisture up and out of your shoe.  His daughter Kris has since taken over the business and has added some great new styles that we now carry. 

Dahlgren Dristride Wicking System


Dahlgren X2 Winter Socks

We hope you get a chance to try a pair of our Alpaca socks. Once you slip your feet into a pair we’re sure you’ll be reaching for them every morning when you open your sock drawer!

AD Staff
AD Staff

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