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Easy Linen Stitch Placemat

Size Guide
    This is a free downloadable pattern

      This pattern was designed to create a knitted fabric that lays flat and does not curl on the edges. I have created a 2 st edge on each side of your placemat for a more refined look.

      You can knit your placemat in an evening or two while you watch a movie or visit with friends. They are completely reversible and will add a little “flair” as well as protect your table!

      You can vary this pattern by adding more than 1 color. Just knit the 2 row repeat in one color and then pick up the next color and knit the 2 row repeat once more. Continue knitting in this manner for a 2 color variation.

      Knitting Technique Videos

      Cable Cast On:  See video.

      Bind Off in Linen Stitch Pattern:  See video