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Universal Yarns

Fouetté by Amy Gunderson *Universal Pattern*


Fouetté is a gracefully curved, fast-growing shawl named for the 32 Fouettés featured in the ballet, Swan Lake. It features beautfiful stripes that shift in size and a lace edging that make this piece elegant enough to drape over your shoulders on the next trip to the ballet.

This garter stitch shawl begins with just 3 stitches at the tip. Stitches are increased along one side, and decreased along the other side (half as often as the increases) to create a boomerang shape. A Feather and Fan Edging is worked along two sides of the Shawl Body, When working the Stripe Section, break colors after each stripe. Do not carry colors up the side of the work. We recommend weaving in your ends as you go.