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Hot Hats E-book

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Who doesn’t love pom-poms? In this fun, hip collection, you’ll find 9 great ways to take your knitted hat from plain ol’ hat to Hot Hat. 

Luxury Fur Pom-Poms from Universal Yarn are soft, sassy, colorful, and all-around fabulous. 
Each Pom-Pom comes with strings attached in the same color as the pom-pom, so all you have to do is tie them to your project. Think about tying a bright Pom-Pom to a zipper pull on a vest or bag for an extra touch of fur. Or consider tying one Pom-Pom to each end of a scarf, and one to the top of a hat for maximum Pom-Poms! 

These patterns use Universal Deluxe WorstedUniversal Yarn Deluxe Chunky, and Universal Yarn Uptown Worsted.


Patterns only!