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Two Leaves and a Bud

Two Leaves and a Bud Organic Darjeeling Tea

Size Guide
  • Organic Darjeeling Tea: Darjeeling tea comes in whole leaf tea sachets
  • Box Contains: 15 individually wrapped whole leaf tea sachets
  • Ingredients: Organic Black Tea
  • Brew Directions: 15oz of water per sachet, pour boiling or hot water over sachet, wait 4-5 minutes
  • Caffeine Level: some buzz, equal to approximately 1/2 cup coffee

Strong but sensitive — we like that in a tea. Our Darjeeling has light, but rich, body with floral overtones.

This Darjeeling tea is a blend of mostly first flush with some 2nd flush. What's a "flush"?  Darjeeling, India sits in the high foothills of the Himalaya. It gets cold enough there that tea stops growing in the Fall. In the Spring, the first growth is called the First Flush. First Flush Darjeelings are prized the world over - they are very very light in color but can have an exquisite flavor that varies with every day’s harvest. The 2nd flush is slightly darker and bolder.

This organic tea comes in paperless eco-friendly tea sachets, these whole leaf tea bags give this Darjeeling tea room to expand and infuse, giving you a better tasting organic tea!