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Two Leaves and a Bud

Two Leaves and a Bud Organic Earl Grey Tea

Size Guide
  • Organic Earl Grey Tea: Quality Black tea, comes in whole leaf tea sachets
  • Box Contains: 15 individually wrapped whole leaf tea sachets
  • Ingredients: Organic black tea, corn flowers, natural flavoring
  • Brew Directions: 15oz of water per sachet, pour boiling or hot water over sachet, wait 4-5 minutes
  • Caffeine Level: some buzz, equals approximately 1/2 cup of coffee

Our Earl Grey starts with a great quality, large leaf organic black tea. We add just a hint of natural bergamot to create the famous taste.

The best Earl Grey teas begin with high quality full black tea leaves, which get their legendary flavor from natural bergamot oil - oil from a citrus fruit grown in Bergamo, Italy. This is an elegant cuppa' tea with tried and true flavor that ranges from a light citrus zip to a deep, smooth black tea.

This organic tea comes in paperless eco-friendly tea sachets, these whole leaf tea bags give this black tea room to expand and infuse, giving you a better tasting organic earl grey tea!