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Win some spirit—Spirit Stripes yarn and needles!

It's football season! This time of year is close to my heart because I grew up in a football family. My dad played at San Diego State, and then coached at Washington State. My brother played there later, and I got my degree at WSU. So, GO COUGS!

I've probably watched a thousand football games in my life, and when I became a knitter, I enjoyed them even more. I look forward to several hours on the couch each weekend, knitting and cheering on my teams.

I know there are many of you out there who love this time of year, too, for the football and the knitting/crocheting, so we're doing another giveaway!

You could win three balls of Universal Uptown Spirit Stripes yarn in your choice of colors, plus a set of US 9 (5.50 mm) Brittany Single point needles. To enter, just leave a comment below and tell us who you're rooting for this fall!

Three balls is enough to make the hat and scarf pattern below left, and check out the other cute projects you can make with this yarn. All of these are free patterns you can download from our free pattern page!

Good luck, and go team!



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Posted by rose on Wed, Sep-27-2017, 15:31

college: auburn

Posted by Colleen on Wed, Sep-27-2017, 09:50

Go Broncos!
Or hometown, University of Northern CO!

Posted by Savannagal on Wed, Sep-27-2017, 07:21

It’s time for hockey. Go Blackhawks!

Posted by Suzanne Pratt on Fri, Sep-22-2017, 00:56

Tennessee Volunteers!!!!

Posted by Julia Wagner on Thu, Sep-21-2017, 19:05

My dad would be so mad at me if I said anything other than the Packers. Now that I think about it, I’d probably be disowned by my entire family. So, definitely the Packers.

Posted by Donna E Spencer on Thu, Sep-21-2017, 15:56

Duke!!! And the Carolina Panthers!!!!

Posted by Barbara Sharbuno on Thu, Sep-21-2017, 08:14

Cheering for the great team the Green Bay Packers

Posted by Robbi on Sun, Sep-17-2017, 18:00

The Steelers!!

Posted by Mary Seibolt on Sat, Sep-16-2017, 07:11

Go Irish!!!

Posted by Marie on Fri, Sep-15-2017, 19:57

College – Irish
NFL – Colts

Posted by Barbara Basham on Thu, Sep-14-2017, 17:09

Go Cards! Louisville that is.

Posted by Pam on Wed, Sep-13-2017, 06:53

Beautiful and so soft

Posted by Gail on Tue, Sep-12-2017, 10:40

Hotty Toddy!!! Ole Miss—— I am rooting for and would love to win the contest to knit a scarf ,How great it would be to win new needles and some spirit stripes yarn.Hotty Toddy!!!!!!

Posted by Bev Faulkner on Tue, Sep-12-2017, 04:19

Rooting for the Redskins so that their season will be longest possible – this will make my brother Bill so happy!! He’s now watching in his Group Home, after living with my mom for his entire life! He loves it there, and his Redskins!!

Posted by Barbara on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 20:05

I’m not so much of a football fan, but growing up the home team was the UW Huskies.

Posted by Erika on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 18:43

Hello! I had a great time knitting up some Seahawks colorway socks but would love some Packers colors for a friend’s hat. I love Universal. ???

Posted by Marcia on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 17:25

Go Irish!!

Posted by Mandie MacDonald on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 17:23

Go Sounders!
(Oh, you meant that football. Okay.)
Go Seahawks!
(They wear the same colors!)

Posted by Tammy Fitzsimmons on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 17:17

College: Ohio State; NFL: Redskins

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