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Meet Alegria Grande and win it, too!

Manos del Uruguay Alegria Grande is our Yarn of the Month for September 2017. Leave a comment below to enter for your chance to win two skeins of Grande in your choice of colors!

And Alegria Grande is 10% off throughout September!

Introducing Alegria Grande

We carry Manos del Uruguay Alegria Semi-Solid and Space-Dyed in sock weight, but we've just added brand-new Alegria Grande to the mix!

Grande is a worsted-weight yarn, great for accessories, sweaters, blankets—just anything! Made with a blend of superwash merino and polyamide (a sweat-wicking, man-made fiber similar to nylon), it's machine washable (but please dry flat!).

alegria manos del uruguay yarn

I love all Manos del Uruguay yarn for many reasons, not the least of which is the COLOR! The folks at Manos are experts at putting together amazing colors for their space-dyed yarns, and using just the right amount of subtle variety in their space-dyed yarns. When the new shipment of Alegria arrived this week, we all swooned! Just gorgeous.

Kelley is working on a brioche hat (Beezee by Katrin Schubert) in Alegria Grande. Isn't it beautiful? We'll be offering this hat as a class at the shop in October.

manos del uruguay alegria grande hat

Introduce yourself to our yarn of the month with the free Tayberry Hat and two colors of Alegria Grande, maybe Cactus Flower and Tahiti? This would be a super-cute Christmassy combo. Alegria Grande is 10% off throughout September!

Would you like to win two skeins of Alegria Grande in your choice of colors? To be entered, just leave a comment below, and tell us what you'd knit or crochet with your prize.

Good luck!


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Posted by Julia Wagner on Thu, Sep-21-2017, 19:09

I’d probably knit a scarf or a hat. Or both, depending on how much yarn the patterns would call for. It would also depend on the colors… I’m really indecisive, but I’d come up with something awesome.

Posted by Karen Floyd on Tue, Sep-12-2017, 04:31

I could really use this yarn.

Posted by Ginni on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 21:53

Love the Orquidea especially – gorgeous shawl!

Posted by Helene on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 19:11

Beautiful yarn, love the colors, and you can just see how soft and snugly it is.

Posted by Tara Berge on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 17:51

I love Alpaca Direct!!

Posted by Debbie on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 16:18

I am going to knit a prayer shawl for a young lady having thymus surgery. This yarn would make it so special!!

Posted by Mary Alicia Feist on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 16:11

I would love to knit with this yarn Looks very soft and love the colors !

Posted by Barbara on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 14:23

Would love that Allegra grande

Posted by Melissa Jacobs on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 14:03

This looks like some very yummy yarn and I love the purple and green combo shown on Facebook!

Posted by Heather K. on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 13:57

This yarn has been on my wish list for a while. So pretty!!

Posted by Robin on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 13:45

Love this-it says scarf or cowl!

Posted by Kathleen Crapse on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 13:40

I’d make an asymmetrical shawl – they show off yarn so well and wear well too.

Posted by Ana on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 07:45

I’d knit a hat, scarf, and fingerless mitts

Posted by Sharon on Mon, Sep-11-2017, 07:08

This looks like beautiful yarn!!

Posted by Ronna Richett on Sun, Sep-10-2017, 14:07

This yarn is absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for the chance.

Posted by Miss Dahlia on Sun, Sep-10-2017, 08:13

Dear Alpaca Direct,
I am curious to make the acquaintance of Alegria Grande and looking forward to yet another reason to add to my cart at Alpaca Direct.
Have a lovely day.
Thank you,
Miss Dahlia

Posted by Karen on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 21:23

I love the black/gray shade for a winter scarf!

Posted by Katrin on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 18:38

’Tis the season …to knot a shawl with this beautiful yarn!!!

Posted by Toni on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 18:17

Such pretty colors. I’m not sure what I would knit but I’m sure it would be beautiful

Posted by Erica wyatt on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 18:15

I’m really digging ponchos right now, for the fall. I’m ready to bring back a little 70’s flair!

Posted by Gayle Patriquen-Gregory on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 16:16

I love this color combination. It would make a lovely prayer shawl or cowl.

Posted by Pamela Goulart on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 15:50

I love all this Yarn! So pretty! I would love to win 2 skeins to make someone a Christmas Gift with! So pretty!

Posted by Trish on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 14:56

Love this yarn !

Posted by Lynn Blair on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 14:41

Beautiful yarn. I would make a shell sweater.

Posted by Marcia on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 13:05

I would knit a hat, cowl/scarf or mittens!

Posted by Emily Bardeen on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 12:55

Algeria Grande in Foil reminds me of a November day cold enough to knit in front of the fire and perhaps the first snowflakes of the season. Great Happiness, indeed.

Posted by Bonnie Westbrook on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 10:48

Luscious looking yarn, a new warm Alpaca yarn scarf from Alegra Grande would be top – notch in my fashion plans for Fall.

Posted by Melissa Baldwin on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 10:02

The colors are just stunning. Thank you for this giveaway. Good luck everyone.

Posted by Patty Sutter on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 10:00

Gorgeous yarn deserves a gorgeous project! I think a lacy wrap.

Posted by Dawn Groseclose on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 09:52

I would love to knit up a poncho in this yarn.

Posted by Judy on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 08:59

What beautiful colors. The top on looks like a tie dye and would make a cool infinity scarf.

Posted by Rachael P on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 08:59

Beautiful!!! And I love the hat pattern too! How can you choose just one color?! :-)

Posted by Liv Dietrich on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 08:47

Gorgeous yarn!!! I have a plan———-

Posted by Debbie Smith on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 08:35

I would make a soft and squishy cowl.

Posted by Barbara Bergstrom on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 07:52

I would love to win this gorgeous yarn!!!!

Posted by Kathy janson on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 07:45

I prefer using alpaca yarn for all my projects. Weaving, knitting and crochet

Posted by Denise on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 05:49

I would knit a beautiful scarf. Not sure if it would be for me or someone I feel would really enjoy it.

Posted by tami on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 05:22

I’ve been wanting to try brioche for a while. I’d make the Tayberry hat as a challenge and a Christmas present.

Posted by Michelle Patton on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 04:55

This yarn is lovely. Would love to feel how soft it is!

Posted by Lisa Zeiner on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 04:28

Rich beautiful colors! Magenta would be my choice. Hat, scarf, shawl, socks, oh the possibilities!

Posted by Lisa Zeiner on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 04:14

The colors are beautiful! So rich and vibrant! Makes me want to knit a hat and scarf, hat and a shawl, a sweater, a….oh the possibilities!

Posted by Suzanne Sigler on Sat, Sep-09-2017, 01:59

I’d knit a winter hat

Posted by Jennifer Cline on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 23:45

I need a soft hat and cowl for myself.I give away my work as gifts mostly so this would be a special treat.

Posted by Jennifer Cline on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 23:37

I need a soft hat and cowl for myself. I give away my work as gifts .

Posted by Lisa Porria on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 20:46

As a new knitter, I’d love to use this beautiful yarn as a hat and scarf! Winter will be here before we know it!

Posted by Kay on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 20:06

It’s beautiful!

Posted by barbara on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 19:57

Love the colors!

Posted by Vicki K on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 19:34

Dying to try this yarn so would love to win it! thanks

Posted by Rache on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 19:29

My mom has tought me to knit. I would make her a wonderful hat & scarf set. ?

Posted by Dottie on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 18:58

I would crochet gifts !

Posted by Kahty on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 18:53

Oooooooh, I’ve been dying to get some Manos del Uruguay yarn. I’ve never used it before and would love to make blankets for the premature babies at our hospital. The colors are just gorgeous.

Posted by Marta on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 18:53

Would love to try this yarn, have been coveting it for a long time. I would make a hat.

Posted by Kimberly on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 18:50

Love working with this yarn! Such a treat.

Posted by Deborah on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 18:29

A beautiful yarn! Not sure what I would knit, but a scarf, Cowl or shawl would be gorgeous!

Posted by Joanna on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 18:26

Pinto … Acero … Happy … love them! Stunning!

Posted by Joanna on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 18:24

Pinto ? Acero ? Happy ? … beautiful yarns!!

Posted by Arlene on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 18:22

Love alpaca

Posted by Donna on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 18:19

Looks great, have patterns in hand!

Posted by Cindy on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 17:40

I love all of the Manos del Uruguay yarns. And I would love to work with this.

Posted by Beth Weil on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 17:38

My fingers are ‘twitching’ to feel the texture! ?

Posted by Kristen gaskey on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 17:36

I would knit a beautiful cowl with the black and blue colors

Posted by Dee on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 17:26

Yummy stuff!

Posted by Kim on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 17:25

Oh such beautiful colors!! I’d knit a wonderful scarf for this fall/winter

Posted by Brenda LaCroix on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 17:24

Oh I am in L O V E with this yarn and I see a very nice scarf in two varigated colorways….

Posted by Teresa on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 17:18

Very nice, who’s going to be the lucky winner!

Posted by Helen King on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 17:09

I would knit a gorgeous scarf or cowl.

Posted by Andi Lou on Fri, Sep-08-2017, 03:49

Love alpaca yarn! I’d make a soft poncho or cardigan to keep me warm this winter. Maroon and black.

Posted by Dominoe on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 19:15

That brioche hat looks amazing. I’ve been wanting to try it out.

Posted by Cathy on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 19:11

I have a shawl pattern calling for this gorgeous yarn!

Posted by Toni on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 18:36

I am allergic to a lot of wool but not alpaca. I love the feel and how it knots up so beautifully. LOVE all the beautiful colors

Posted by wendy on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 17:16

An awesome cowl!

Posted by Michelle on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 17:06

OMG, i loooove allegria in fingering weight but all that softness and vivid color in a worsted?! THAT would be amazing… Worsted yarns have that irresistible squishyness that i love so much but miss when knitting with a lighter weight. I would gladly take a couple of those Acero skeins off your hands and ‘selfish knit’ myself some super squishy flip-top mittens with a matching messy bun hat ;)

Posted by Kelly Rife on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 15:59

Love this . Beautiful colors. Hat is gorgeous.

Posted by Vickey Silver on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 15:46

Lovely colors. Alpaca is great for me as i am alergic to wool.

Posted by Dawn on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 14:00

My daughter is an exchange student in Germany this year. I’d knit her up a hat and mittens, but I’d have to consult with her on the pattern first!

Posted by Barbara Payne on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 12:49

Wow. Gorgeous yarn! I am just learning how to brioche knit so a nice hat would be what I would knit .

Posted by Cynthia on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 12:06

What beautiful colors! I can see a scarf with a suit or winter coat

Posted by Dace Pedecis on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 10:27

Oooohhhh! Such yummy yarn! Whatever I made with it, I’d never take off.

Posted by Irene on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 10:15

Love new yarn! I would make a hat and gloves for winter!

Posted by Sylbie on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 09:56

Love love love this yarn.

Posted by Lauren Furrer on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 09:49

I would either make a baby sweater for my cousin who is expecting, or a pair of fun colorwork mittens!

Posted by Kayla on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 09:44

I’m ready for a new cardigan!

Posted by Kristen on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 09:33

I think it would be great for millwater by Beth Kling.

Posted by Valerie on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 09:15

I love alpaca yarn! It is my absolute favorite yarn to work with and wear. I am dying to knit myself a cowl neck poncho, but I have to finish about three WIPs first!

Posted by Lisa Anderson on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 09:10

I think I hear a hat and gloves calling me.

Posted by Lisa K Selph on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 08:44

I love my yarn of the month !!! It is a great way to sample different kinds and order the ones you love.

Posted by Lynnea Hawkins on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 08:39

I have been teaching myself to knit since two years ago…have yet to work with Alpaca yarn because I often can’t afford to buy it. These colors are amazing! I think finger less gloves, a cowl and hat are on the horizon!!

Posted by Patricia Millard on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 08:33

I would make a shawl or enterlac scarf.

Posted by Angela Ader on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 08:30

A beautiful scarf!

Posted by Emily B. on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 08:21

This yarn would motivate me to finally learn brioche! I would definitely make a brioche cowl with this!

Posted by Deila hiebert on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 08:18

I see some gorgeous socks.

Posted by Elizabeth on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 07:58

The colors are so beautiful! I would love to knit a Cozy cowl, like Wood Warbler.

Posted by Jen on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 07:47

That yarn is GORGEOUS. I’d say a hat and cowl combo!

Posted by Mercedes Espinoza on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 07:43

I would love to naked a lacy shawl so I could wear it and be able to show off the beautiful color and yarn used!

Posted by Rose on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 07:31

Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful yarn. I’ve never had any yarn with alpaca in it and would love to try it out! Thanks again.

Posted by Florence Eller on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 07:23

I would knit a baby set hat, sweater and booties.

Posted by Jacqueline Rockwell on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 06:49

Yummy yarn. I’d have to wrap my body in it by making a blanket.

Posted by Vicki K on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 06:31

The colors would make a gorgeous fall shawl – deep enough shades to be seasonal with the brighter ones to lighten a dark fall day! THanks!

Posted by Crystal on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 06:18

This is so pretty! My mom would love to have this!!

Posted by Pat L-G on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 06:07

These colors are so beautiful……and alpaca yarn? Count me in!

Posted by Marilyn Henderdon on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 06:00

Simply luscious! The colors, quality, strength and softness. Thank you.

Posted by Caryn on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 05:42

Beautiful colors; I’d make a nice warm cowl for myself!

Posted by Averi on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 05:42

Ooooh, lovely!! I’d make hat and mitts for my sister!

Posted by Jan on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 05:41

Love this! I would nit a hat and matching fingerless gloves or mittens!

Posted by Jill Cunningham on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 05:10

Would love to make a hat & matching scarf!!

Posted by Elaine on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 05:09

This is gorgeous. I’d love to try this yarn and make something I could wear often, maybe a lacy scarf

Posted by Carrie Kening on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 04:59

Beautiful yarn in a worsted weight will be fun to knit.

Posted by Aleis cessna on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 04:53

Would love to use this beautiful yarn for a hat or möbius scarf

Posted by Theresa on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 04:42

Beautiful yarn! Gorgeous colors!!!

Posted by Paulette Ackerson on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 04:36

Gorgeous !!!!!!!

Posted by Laura imperati on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 04:36

Absolutely love the new colors. Would be awesome for some cowl foe winter

Posted by Kristin on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 04:04

Such beautiful colors!!!!! I would make a cowl or shawl as I find them most useful to wear in NE in the winter.

Posted by Kathleen on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 04:01

These colors are awesome.

Posted by Michelle Worzbyt on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 04:00

Pick me! I love the colors!

Posted by Nanny on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 03:53

Love making mittens and maybe a hat to match.

Posted by Deb Hedstrom on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 03:44

I love Alpaca yarn, I love to knit or crochet with it for scarves. It is so warm and durable . I have also make other projects with it as well

Posted by Patricia on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 03:42

I would enjoy exploring a few new cowl patterns!

Posted by Deborah Gill on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 03:14

I would LOVE to make some wonderfully warm socks with this!

Posted by Geri Mitchell on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 03:13

A cowl for those chilly fall days would be so warm and comforting… Perfect!

Posted by Christina on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 02:50

I would make a hat to wear at cold soccer games.

Posted by Lisa Zeiner on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 02:35

Love the colors! I’m thinking hat and scarf, or hat and shawl, or a sweater, or….the possibilities are endless

Posted by Brett-Rae Glotzer on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 01:15

Hat and mittens!

Posted by Phyllis Webb on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 23:06

I love the colors and would love to win the skeins. Can’t go wrong with Alpaca.

Posted by Kate on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 22:57

Love it!

Posted by Mindy on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 22:52

I would knit a hat

Posted by Pamela Dutcher on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 22:35

So many things I could make

Posted by Esther on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 22:26

What gorgeous yarn! I would knit a cowl or shawl with it :)

Posted by Caitlin on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 22:23

What beautiful colors! I love to crochet baby sweaters, and this would be perfect for my first baby that is due in February!

Posted by Cindy on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 22:12

Hat and scarf or a shawl

Posted by Susan Maeda on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 21:52

I need to win that beautiful yarn!

Posted by Danjela on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 21:48

Amazing givesway!,Love the colrs,I would knit a scarf or hat.Thanks for the chance to win it.

Posted by Pamela on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 21:40

I would knit or crochet a beautiful scarf & wrist warmers! This Yarn is just stunning!

Posted by Pat on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 21:35

I love yarn
Alpaca makes many nice things

Posted by Sheri Hagen on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 21:24

Love the variegated blues and purple!

Posted by Laurie Whin on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 21:18

I would love to try that Brioche hat! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

Posted by Leslie on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 21:17

I would knit my baby girl a warm hat and cowl. The colors are lovely and the yarn looks so soft.

Posted by Erika on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 21:07

Lovely! I’d like to knit a Tayberry Hat.

Posted by Elizabeth on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 20:52

I would make a scarf or shawl

Posted by Elizabeth on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 20:51

Love the colors!!!!

Posted by Judy Houtz on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 20:40

Lovely yarn❣️ Lovely examples of hats…I’m ready to make one.

Posted by Lynn Blair on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 20:39

Beautiful colors!

Posted by Shrympe Strong on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 20:39

Shawl pattern has this yarn stenciled all over it!

Posted by Sandra Abel on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 20:15

Beautiful yarn. I love alpacas. They’re so cute.

Posted by Rebecca on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 20:00

I just saw a pattern for a magnolia flower hat – this would be perfect!

Posted by Wendy on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:57

Would love to win this yarn….such an awesome brand! Please pick me.

Posted by Norma on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:57

I would knit a shawl,. The colors are stunning!

Posted by Kathleen B on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:55

I know someone that would just love to be gifted with something made from that yarn!

Posted by Sharon on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:52

I would love to knit some arm warmers.

Posted by Debbie on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:49

I make a pair of brioche mittens with this yarn

Posted by Diane on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:48

The colors are luscious! Not sure whether I’d make a scarf or hat for the upcoming winter. Either would be beautiful.

Posted by Debbie on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:47

Yummy yarn!

Posted by Rusty M on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:46

I think I’d make a lovely pair of cabled fingerless gloves in Carnaval and Magenta. Thanks for the chance!

Posted by Staceyjoy Elkin on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:33

Look at those exquisite colors! For once, I would love to knit a matching toque and cowl for myself! Thanks ?

Posted by Danielle cunningham on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:30

This yarn is so beautiful! I’d love the chance to work with it some day!

Posted by Helen King on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:24

I would love to knit a scarf with this gorgeous yarn!

Posted by Marie on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:24

Colors are fantastic!!!

Posted by Jennifer Richards on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:24

Beautiful yarn! I would love this to make a hat for my niece!

Posted by Patty on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:10

I would make a hat scarf and mittens

Posted by Kelly Rothweiler on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:07

I feel a new hat & mitts coming on.

Posted by Kathleen Janson on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 19:05

I think fingerless gloves and matching hat to wear all the time

Posted by Candy on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:53

Gorgeous yarn!

Posted by Crystal on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:47


Posted by Elizabeth on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:46

What lovely colors! I’d knit a wrap or baby sweater :)

Posted by Sheryl on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:45

What wonderful color!

Posted by Petra on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:44

I would make a shawl or cowle, maybe matching fingerless mittens

Posted by Pamela Sweeney on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:41

Just. Simply. Beautiful!

Posted by Joanne on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:41

so lovely …. would knit up a cowl to snuggle in !

Posted by Cindy on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:38

The colors are beautiful and I could imagine a soft beautiful shawl or cowl for for the cool fall evenings or cold winter days!

Posted by Amanda Stevens on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:37

I, too am on a hat jag, and could see a jaunty newsboy cap or a chunky cabled hat with large contrasting pom! Thanks for the contest!

Posted by Patti Jones on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:30

I love to make hats and ear warmers out of alpaca.

Posted by Michele on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:24

Algeria grande is so beautiful. Would love to make a cowl or scarf❤️

Posted by Whitney Fletchall on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:22

I would knit some winter hats for my kiddos to wear to Disneyland!

Posted by Dana M on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:20

Hats and/or cowls. Little pops of color! :)

Posted by Laura on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:19

I’m in love with all of your yarns! The colors are so deeply beautiful! Would knit a sweet Cowl with Grande.

Posted by Jane E Hall on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:19

I would love to crochet something beautiful in shades of purple. What do you suggest?

Posted by Erin on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:17

Such beautiful colors!!! I’d love to knit this into a gorgeous hat!!

Posted by Cindy Rader on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:16

Love the yarn. Would love to work with it

Posted by Emily on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:11

Such rich color in this yarn! It makes me want to drape myself in a beautiful cowl or shawl made from this gorgeous yarn

Posted by Debra Bopp on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:06

What a beautiful yarn, love the colors. I will either crochet or knit a warm cowl for myself for winter.

Posted by Jean Lightner Norum on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:06

Looks great. I would love to give it a try.

Posted by Laura D on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 18:05

I’d make a cowl and matching wrist warmers, probably as a Christmas gift. I’d have a very hard time choosing colors though, those are so pretty.

Posted by Jessica on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:59

I love Manos del Uruguay! I would love to knit up a hat with a coordinating pair of mitts.

Posted by April Reis on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:58

ooo, so gorgeous! I would knit the Angelfish Shawl by Gege à la Gomme.

Posted by April on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:57

This would be lovely paired with a complimentary color (on the blue side for me) to make a stunning sweater with these two skeins as the star of the garment up at the top to bring out the sunshine in my eyes!

Posted by Laurel on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:51

Those colors are fabulous! I’m thinking vowel, hat, scarf- whatever it tells me it will be!?

Posted by Connie on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:45

Love this yarn – so many possibilities ?

Posted by Kathy on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:45

Would love to make a scarf with this!!!

Posted by Connie Conway on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:43

This looks amazing. I love me some Manos del Uruguay.

Posted by Elizabeth Driscoll on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:43

I would love to knit with this yarn. Maybe make something for my grandchild due in February.

Posted by Marilyn F. on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:43

Oh so lovely! I’d knit either a cowl or an earflap hat for when cooler temps finally head my way.

Posted by Christine on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:40

I think I’d knit that brioche hat! Gorgeous!!

Posted by Jennifer Napier on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:37

I would definitely crochet some warm things for my little granddaughters!!!

Posted by Jana bleakley on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:34

I would love to make a cowl..something to keep me warm!

Posted by Janis on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:32

It’s such a lovely yarn! I’m on a strict yarn diet right now, but if it’s free it doesn’t count!

Posted by Robyn Fogler on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:32

Beautiful, rich colors. This yarn would be make a lovely scarf, hat and mittens. Or maybe a nice lap blanket to cuddle up under.

Posted by Kelly on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:30

I have been dying to learn how to make a 2 color brioche hat for myself. I absolutely love the colors!

Posted by julia Caraballo on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:30

I would make a shawl, should be gorgeous.

Posted by Mary Beth on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:30

This sounds like a great blend to knit. Love the colors, I’d make a lacy scarf for someone.

Posted by Kaye Prescott on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:30

Love the beautiful multi colored yarn, just gorgeous!

Posted by Gina schrock on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:25

I would knit a gorgeous wrap….colors like that you want to show off everyday! Jeans top boots and great wrap!

Posted by Debbie on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:24

I’d make a hat for my granddaughter going off to college in her school colors!

Posted by Cortney on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:23

These are georgous colors.

Posted by Hannah Fortney on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:22

I’d love to crochet with that!

Posted by Mandie on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:20

Decisions, decisions! Might be a hat & fingerless mits to practice a new slipstitch cable technique in working on!

Posted by Cheryl on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:19

beautiful yarn!

Posted by Stephanie Main on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:19

Oh my gosh, i think that’s the prettiest yarn I’ve ever seen ?

Posted by Patricia Reiter on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:18

This looks so cozy & beautiful colors! Would love to crochet with this

Posted by Silke on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:16

If I am the lucky winner of Alegria Grande, no matter which color, I vow to knit a project for myself. My humanitarian knitting charity, StreetKnits, has me mostly knit for the homeless.

Posted by Joy Anderson on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:15

A cowl for myself! for this winter!

Posted by Liz on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:15

I would make me a crochet hat or scarf! Such pretty colors!

Posted by Peg on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:15

Lovely color…gorgeous yarn!

Posted by Brenda LaCroix on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:11

So pretty!! I would be making some fingerless arm warmers!

Posted by Patti Fiorillo on Wed, Sep-06-2017, 17:11

Oh YUM! These colors are gorgeous!

Posted by Connie on Thu, Aug-31-2017, 09:31

Zuzus cowl or Debbie Stone’s box hat and cowl

Posted by Christine on Thu, Aug-31-2017, 06:31

I love the colors! I would knit hats and scarves for myself, my daughter, and my three sisters! What a beautiful surprise gift for all of them!

Posted by Ellen Katehis on Thu, Aug-31-2017, 04:03

A yarn as beautiful as this needs to be seen! I would knit a large scarf/ small stole so that I could wear it ALL the time!

Posted by Barbara on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 22:42

I think it would be great for a hat.

Posted by Terry Crawford on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 21:17

I’d just love to knit a soft, cozy cowl to keep me warm this winter! The colors are spectacular!

Posted by Carol on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 19:22

I love the brioche hat in Grande that is being knit by Kelley. Can’t wait for the pattern to come out and I love the look of the yarn and can’t wait to try it also.

Posted by Donna E. Wynn on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 18:58

I would crochet a soft chemo cap for my mom.

Posted by Kathleen Cubley on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 17:38

Here’s the link for the Tayberry Hat:

Posted by Kate Lindstrom on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 16:36

Ooh, looking at the glorious colors of Alegria Grande has me itching to cast on a brioche hat too! I’m thinking Solena, by Katrin Schubert, in Locura Fluo and Foil! I would wear this hat all fall, winter, and spring!

Posted by Rae Jean McPhillips on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 16:07

I think I would knit a cowl – I would want the softness of the yarn as close to my skin as possible.

Posted by Melodie Beveridge on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 15:59

I would make newborn hats for Click For Babies.

Posted by Susan Spiers on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 15:19

Beautiful yarn! I can see knitted fingerless gloves with matching scarf & hat! Thank you, Susan

Posted by Gayle Mathis on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 15:16

I would knit a BSJ for myself.

Posted by Trissa on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 14:44

I’d love to knit a hat with these beautiful colors.

Posted by Linda Hohenstein on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 14:38


Posted by Jana Bleakley on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 14:18

I would make some messybun/ponytail hats – Christmas gifts!

Posted by Ginny on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 14:16

I would make the Miel baby sweater.

Posted by Deborah on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 14:10

I’d knit a gorgeous sweater pattern that I’ve been holding onto for just the right yarn if I win the Alegria Grande.

Posted by Chris on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 13:57

What gorgeous yarn! I would knit a fall sweater out of it. Or a hat. Or both!

Posted by Savannagal on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 13:06

I’ve been wanting to make a pullover or maybe a cardigan, Birchbark or Woodstove Season by Alicia Plummer would be perfect for the coming season.

Posted by Savannagal on Wed, Aug-30-2017, 13:01

When I clicked the link for the Tayberry Hat I was sent to a page that said “404 Not Found”
“We have a new Website, some products have new pages”

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