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What the Fade?! Get ready for the new mystery knit-along!

Have you knit Andrea Mowry's Find Your Fade shawl or the So Faded tee? These patterns are uber-popular, and for good reason! Andrea has put together a great set of patterns that take advantage of the speckled yarn craze, although you can use any yarn in her patterns.

The trick for these "fade" patterns is to choose colors that, you guessed it, fade into one another. So, you choose a color to begin with, then a second that contains a bit of that color, then a third that contains a bit of the second color, and so on.

Andrea is hosting a mystery knit-along, starting August 31, called What the Fade, and we've put together four colorways for those of you who want to join in!

Color combo 1, Tie-Dye Forever:

From left to right: Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat #102, Flower Bed;
Manos del Uruguay Alegria, #A9016 Ghostbusters; Madeline Tosh Sock, Holi Festival; Zen Superfine Fingering, Splatter Sarcastic; Manos del Uruguay Alegria, #A9012 Caracas; and Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat, #113 So Bright and Sticky.

Color combo 2, Polka into the Night :

From left to right: Madeline Tosh Twist Light Found Pottery; Zen Superfine Fingering, Maltese Splatter; Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat, #107 Monstrous Crow; Dream in Color Smooshy #741 Black and White; Manos del Uruguay Alegria, #A9375 Otono; and Manos del Uruguay Alegria, #A2293 Leo.

Color combo 3, Chromatic:

From left to right: Claudia Hand Painted Addiction, Natural; Madeline Tosh Twist Light, Optic; Dream in Color Smooshy, #741 Black and White; Claudia Hand Painted Addiction, Rain on Bluestone; Dream in Color Smooshy, #02 Black Pearl; and Dream in Color Smooshy, #02 Kettle Dyed Black Pearl.

Color combo 4, Into the Woods:

From left to right: Madeline Tosh Twist Light, Found Pottery; Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat, #107 Monstrous Crow; Dream in Color Smooshy, #46 Fern Slipper; Dream in Color Smooshy, #904 Flower Drum Song; Dream in Color Smooshy, #908 South Pacific; and Claudia Hand Painted Addiction, Deep Blue.

Which combo is your favorite? I can't decide between Chroma and Polka into the Night. I'm partial to black and gray, but those yellow-green combos fading into brick are calling to me!

If you've never done a mystery knit-along before, this one is a great place to start! You'll get a clue (part of the pattern) about once a week, and if you keep up, you'll be done along with everyone else who's knitting the project. You can share ideas, tips, frustrations, and so on, with people on the Ravelry group devoted to this knit-along. Check out all of the info on the pattern page!

Leave a comment and tell me which combo you chose!


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Posted by rose on Wed, Sep-27-2017, 15:36

went to ravelry to find the ‘so faded tee’ and nothing came up… :(

forgive the quibble when your blog posts are so great … but plz provide links to things? like the fade kal too

Posted by Carri on Thu, Sep-07-2017, 00:52

Oh fun! Do we get to know what we are knitting? Is it too late to join?

Posted by Kathleen Cubley on Tue, Aug-29-2017, 11:44

That’s my favorite, too! We don’t have kits for this project, but you can click on the links below the photo and add each yarn to your cart.

Posted by Rosemary on Sat, Aug-26-2017, 07:17

My choice is chromatic. Are the kits for sale?

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