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Summertime Knitting & Crocheting

  Up here in the Northwest knitting and crocheting seems to get put on the back burner  as soon as flowers begin to bloom and sunshine warms our faces. Our hooks and needles grow cold and lonely while we lounge on beaches or dig in gardens. Why do you suppose that is? It certainly isn't due to a lack of reasons to continue our fiber love affair! There are multitudes of celebrations to keep our fingers flying :) Below, I've linked up some ideas and samples to each item. Just click on each item to get inspired! Graduations Mothers and Fathers Day Fourth of July Birthdays Anniversaries And the most charming and/or sexy fashions to create... Swimwear Camisoles Footwear Jewelry Shorts and summer tops Summer friendly fibers are light and comfortable too... Pima cottons Cotton blends Sock weight yarns Novelty yarns even wool and Alpaca! There is also the fact that Christmas is just 6 short months away! You know, it's never too early to start those personalized handmade gifts...Of course if that doesn't get the creative wheels turning, it's perfect weather to yarn bomb a bus! What are you working on this summer? Do you have a favorite pattern or project just for warm weather? Or are you working away on your gift list for the holidays? It's Show and Tell time :) Maria

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