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Free Knitting Wisdom & Comedy Show

by 4 June 18, 2013 2 min read

What a week! Was it just me or was everybodies life just upside down and inside out this past week? I seemed to be chasing my tail before I ever got outta bed in the morning :) I thank my lucky stars for the friends and fellow fiber junkies at the Tuesday evening open knitting group. They keep me sane when all else fails. Or maybe they just put it all in to perspective. I don't know. What I do know is this is the best show in town! This fine group of women bless us each week with knitting wisdom and raucous laughter! Oh my, it really is a sort of therapy when you get a bunch of fiber enthusiast together.  
This is our Yolanda modeling her lovely top down sweater made with Malibrigo for us.
A cute little Cascade Fixation Baby Sock is the handiwork of Jan. Just adorable!
  And now I proudly present The Alpaca Direct Tuesday Evening Open Knitting Group...  
Misty joined us last winter in Knitting 101 & Barcley is a recent graduate of our Groupon Classes.
Kelley's designing wheels are turning (can you see them?) while Tina teaches Crochet 101 to newbie Sandy.
                                   "Say Yarn Over"
  There were stories and laughter! Instruction and more laughter! It was a mess. We even did a bit of fashion watching. Barcley wore these awesome shoes. I gotta get a pair. Seriously. 6a00e54ee661b8883301901c662977970b             If you haven't been to our open knitting groups yet I am encouraging you to try one out. It really is informative and entertaining. See you soon :)

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