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Alpaca on the Green-- a match made in heaven!

When you think of the greatest legends of golf, what do you see? Jack Nicklaus striding down the fairway? A black-and-white snapshot of a young Arnold Palmer teeing up? Whatever image springs to mind, we bet we know what they’re wearing: that classic, V-neck cardigan sweater. They came in bold, bright colors, with just 4 or 5 simple buttons down the front. We’re sure you remember the unassuming, gentlemanly style-- but did you know those sweaters were made from alpaca?

Alpaca Golf Cardigan


The alpaca golf cardigan has been a staple of high-end golf apparel since the late 50’s, and for good reason. Each alpaca fiber is incredibly fine-- only half the width of a human hair-- yet has a hollow core to provide unparalleled insulation. That means an alpaca sweater can protect you against the harshest April breezes, without the bulk or itch of a traditional wool sweater. The look is refined & classic without a hint of fuss, and every golfer from the “Golden Bear” to Bing Crosby had one. In fact, Sports Illustrated reports that Frank Sinatra had the charming habit of selecting dozens of alpaca sweaters as gifts from the pro shop (in his own choice of garish colors, of course), with instructions that they were not to be accepted as returns!





Thankfully, alpaca golf sweaters are no longer exclusive to Rat Pack establishments & expensive pro shops. Since alpaca are native to South America, Alpaca Direct imports top-quality sweaters directly from Peru, so you pay a fraction of what Arnie did back in the 60s. Our classic golf cardigans & vests are equally well-suited for the third hole or the third course at the club, keeping you comfortable, warm & stylish. Plus, we’ve just begun our largest inventory clearance sale ever, with dozens of styles up to 50% off just in time for spring’s first tee time.

Dahlgren walking sock
The legends knew that golfing & alpaca was a match made in heaven-- so why stop with sweaters? Keep your feet warm & dry on the fairway with our new Dahlgren Walking socks, engineered with golfers in mind! Each sock has wicking rings to keep moisture moving up & out of the shoe, preventing discomfort & blisters. The carefully selected blend of merino wool, nylon & alpaca provides optimal insulation, cushion & durability with each step. Available in a variety of colors in both men’s & women’s sizes, these socks are ideal for any walker or athlete looking for a true performance sock.


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