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Knitting Tutorials, Tips and Techniques

Here's a quick way to find more detailed knitting technique articles.  We also have videos so choose the best way to learn and expand your knitting skills! 

Knitting Basics 

circular needles review

How to Choose Circular Knitting Needles

How Much Yarn Do I Need?

How to Grade Alpaca Yarns

Knitting For Beginners | Resources, Videos, Tips and Techniques

Knitting Needle and Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

What's the difference between M1R and M1L?


Knitting Techniques

perfect button holes

Super Stretchy Pico Cast On

The Picot Bind-Off Knitting Method for a Picot Edge

5 Better Buttonholes

9 Ways to Keep Edges Tidy in Knitting and Crochet

Brioche Knitting - Setup Rounds, Brioche Knit and Brioche Purl Stitches

Darn It! How to Fix Holes in Your Knitwear

Easy Sewn Bind-Off Knitting Tutorial

Helix Stripe Knitting Tutorial

How to Attach Pom Poms to Your Knitwear

How To Bind Off In Pattern

How to Cable Cast On

How To Fix a Dropped Purl Stitch

How To Fix a Dropped Stitch

How To Insert a Lifeline | Knitting Tutorial

How to Knit a Hat From the Top Down

How to Knit a Perfect No-Hole Thumb Gusset

How To Knit A Traditional Bind Off

How to Knit a Tubular Bind-Off In the Round

How to Knit Cables Without a Cable Needle

Knit Socks: Making a Rounded Toe

Knitting for Men: The Broken Rib Stitch Pattern

Knitting Tutorial: How To Fix A Split Stitch With a Duplicate Stitch

Learn How To Create A Stretchy Sewn Bind-Off - Free Tutorial

Learn How To Create Leaning Increases and Decreases

Learn Mattress Stitch Knitting: Free Tutorial

Sock Knitting: Learn A Better Way to Graft the Toe

Three Ways to Block Your Knits

Learn An Easy Way To Choose Your Sock Heel Style | Sock Knitting


Top 10 Knitting Inspiration

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10 Bad Habits Knitters and Crocheters Need to Break!

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