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A Pairfect Pair of Knit Socks!

I am so in awe of Regia Pairfect sock yarn. Seriously, it is so cool! You follow the directions on the ball band to make—you guessed it—a pair of patterned or striped socks that match perfectly! Check it out:

That bit of yellow yarn is what makes the magic happen; you start knitting right where the yellow yarn ends. You'll find another yellow section halfway through the ball, and you start knitting your second sock just after that section ends. (You'll be done with your first sock by then—there's plenty of yarn for each sock, regardless of the size you knit.)

Pairfect is great for different types of sock patterns, too, as you can see above—Akasha used it for her Family Reunion socks. As long as you start each sock at the end of the yellow portion of yarn, you get a matched pair.

I've heard Pairfect works toe-up or top-down, so you can use your favorite pattern.

We have several colors of in stock, including the three shown in the photo above, so get yourself a ball and cast on the Pairfect pair!


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