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Creating Lace with Addi Turbo Lace Needles

I am very blessed to be in a great group of knitters. We are always sharing ideas, patterns, and techniques. We are there for each other when one of us has to rip a sweater out and start over (that is usually me) or just plain frustrated with how something is not coming out right.

 I always know who to go to for specific advice, such as, who specializes in what…the Lace Lady, the Sweater Siren, the Sock Superstar, the Fiber Fanatic, the Gossamer Goddess, and the Felted Bag Bigwig.

 So when it came a starting a KAL (Knit Along) for lace…I knew just who to find. She pulled out these amazing bronze needles, sharp as a finely honed knife (well, maybe not that sharp, but compared to the needles I was using at the time; it was like comparing a Henckels and a old Gin-su knife that I found at the Dollar Store.) I could not believe the difference! I went with a 4; it seems that most of the patterns called for that size.

 Ever since, I have quite the Addi Turbo Lace collection. I have been somewhat spoiled with them. The cord is amazingly flexible and relaxed. I have come to hate the needles that require a good soaking in warm water to loosen up their seemingly permanent shape…something that resembles a tangled ball of nasty yarn. I end up spending more time trying to smooth out the needle cord than starting my casting on!

 I have gone on to use the needles for other projects than just my lace work. They are wonderful at socks, scarves, and I have even put a few sweaters on them.

 Thank you Lace Lady, I will forever be in your debt. 


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