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Did you see us on the cover of Alpacas Magazine?

We were thrilled when the editors of Alpacas Magazine chose to highlight our Alpaca Direct products and photo on this year's Cover of the Winter Alpaca Fashion apparel issue. Alpaca_coversmNearly all the photos on our website are taken on our alpaca ranch in Northern California.  If you look closely, you'll often see some cute little alpacas grazing in the background.  Thanks to Rayna our "Top Model" for sharing her awesome smile with the world, and thanks to Randy for his keen eye behind the lens. The journey from our original designs created in Peru to the cover of the magazine has truly been a team effort!  You can pick up a copy of Alpacas magazine at any Barnes and Noble or at   (Alpaca Owners Association). 



Posted by Randy Reyes on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Thank you again all so much. This is one of many favorites from the shoot. Happy holidays!

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