by Kathleen Cubley December 11, 2019 2 min read

It's never too late to knit a holiday gift, but you need to plan accordingly, with smaller and smaller projects the closer the holiday gets. So, with only thirteen days left until Christmas, headbands it is.

Kelley recently knit a few of these beauties and highlighted them in her weekly Technique Tuesday Facebook Live broadcast. Check it out to get some tips for making headbands fit really well!

An important thing to take into account is your giftee's head size. These fit charts are invaluable for choosing the correct size for headbands (and hats)!

adult hat sizing chart

child hat sizing chart

To get an accurate measurement, place a tape measure evenly around the thickest part of the head, making sure you're not measuring at an angle.

The key to knitting or crocheting a headband that fits and stays put is making it an inch or two smaller than the wearer's head size, ensuring enough stretch for a snug fit.

Headbands to Make

We have three great free patterns for you, two knitted and one crocheted. And all three are 1-skein wonders!

Macaron Headband

Traveling stitches make a beautiful motif on the front of the Macaron Headband, framed with a simple lace pattern. A scalloped edge at the bottom frames the face beautifully, and covers the ears for warmth. The finished measurement for the Macaron is 17" circumference, so it should fit a teen or adult well, with at least two inches of room for stretching.

Knit this beauty with Berroco Vintage or Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

Pralines Headband

Crochet cables adorn the Pralines Headband. They're easy to make using front post treble stitches! Pralines works up lickety-split for last-minute handmade gifting.

With a finished measurement of 18" circumference, this headband will fit with the right amount of stretch.

Crochet this pretty project with Berroco Vintage or Berroco Ultra Alpaca (or any worsted-weight yarn).

Calisson Headband

A classic rope cable set off with seed stitch makes a beautiful headband. Knit with chunky yarn, Calisson is an instant-gratification gift knit.

The finished measurement for this headband is 19", and because of the chunky yarn, it should fit the average head size nicely. But since this headband is knit vertically, you can simply end it at the correct measurement for your recipient.

Knit Calisson with Berroco Vintage Chunky

Here's to headbands for the holidays!


Kathleen Cubley
Kathleen Cubley

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