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Help Name Our Alpaca - Contest Ends June 30th!

P1000518 We'd like help in naming our newest addition to our alpaca ranch. Here's some characteristics about this little boy who was born a couple of weeks ago. He is coal black with soft, silky fiber that we'll eventually shear and sell as yarn on our website. He's really fast running around the pasture, likes to pronk, is very curious, is very proud in his stance like his father (Snowmass Conquistador). He is very independant but still likes to stay by his mom (Daphne) in the evenings. There's more pictures on our ranch website photo gallery  So here's the deal,  suggest a name in the comments section of this blog along with reason.  The winner will get a $25 gift card from Alpaca Direct.  Winner (and name) to be announced on July 1st, 2009.   



Posted by Gail Hogsten on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

He looks and sounds like an absolute darling. I would love to raise Alpaca, but we are older and not equiped to fence the field, nor care for the animals. Especially since I’m disabled now.
Sorry for getting off track – I like the name “Midnight Sun” and his nickname could be Sunny. Midnight for his coloring, Sun for his sunny disposition.
Whoever wins this contest will be a lucky person, but y’all are the true lucky ones to have these affectionate and giving animals with you.

Posted by Susan on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I would call this beauty “Black Ice”

Posted by Teresa (2catlady on Ravelry) on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

“Black Bob” — Bob is in honor of Ravelry.

Posted by Sharon Rose on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Blackberry? Dark and sweet… and just a little tart! :)

Posted by Vanessa Hubbard (AlpacaAddict) on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I would name this beautiful animal “Marta”, which is Spanish for Sable, for two reasons.
1. His Lovely dark sable colour
2. That SABLE stands for Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy – a knitty term for owning more yarn than you can ever knit.

Posted by Ann Chang on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

this is a little silly because he’s not a sheep, but how about “Three Bags Full” as in Ba Ba black sheep, have you any wool. Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full.

Posted by Mindy Vasil on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Zipper- because he zips around the pasture. :)

Posted by Caleb Richter on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I think he is really cute: ) I think you should name him Black Beauty or Black Velvet because in your description of him the way heacts he is kind of like the horse Black Beauty and Black Velvet because of the way you described his coat. Both because of the way you described this cute guys personality and he just looks adorable: ) Mommy I want one! : ) lol he is really cute!!!!

Posted by Alex on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

He looks like a Gerald to me. A super cute Gerald.

Posted by caroline on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

What a handsome new addition to your alpaca family! As for a name, I’ll go with the first thing that popped into my head when I opened the page and saw him: Salvador Dali. Or just Salvador. Or maybe even just Dali?
Can’t wait to hear what name you choose!

Posted by R. Moore on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I suggest Nieve Carbón or Schnee Kohle—Snow Coal in Spanish and German, respectively.

Posted by Linda on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Coz he looks like the colour of roasted arabica coffee beans.

Posted by Linda on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Coz he’s black as coal and he is at the coalface of alpaca wool production.

Posted by Sue on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Licorice?

Posted by Tracey on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

He is so cute.
He looks impish and reminded me of a Puck or a Nisse. A merry domestic fairy, famous for mischievous pranks and practical jokes

Posted by Joy on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Maybe not the most creative, but I would call the little guy Stormy Skies. Stormy for short. What a cutie!

Posted by Amaranthology on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Albert? He looks very dapper! lol

Posted by Tracy on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Tyroc Kappu
The first is from Legion of Superheroes and kappu means black in Kannada.

Posted by Oribe on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I love the name Jack-it reminds me of spunky energetic boys who get into a little trouble now and then but in the end are sweet as pie, which is how this little guy seems from your description.

Posted by Jen on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I have two suggestions: Machu or Picchu
He certainly is a cute little bugger. :-)

Posted by vetstudentjenn on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I’m a veterinary student, and a bunch of us have decided that the best name for an alpaca is “Hummer” because of the noise that they make.

Posted by Grace on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

what a wonderful chocolate color he is!

Posted by Jess on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I would name him Espresso.

Posted by Elizabeth Turney on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I looked at him and the first name in my head was Moose.

Posted by Elizabeth De Long on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

He is A beauty! How about naming him Romeo? Loveable for sure!

Posted by Cindy (RedPanda at Ravelry) on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Since he’s an alpaca who looks like a storm cloud, how about “Catequil” (or just “Quil” for short), for the Inca god of thunder and lightning? (

Posted by Mujercita on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

When you name horses, you generally try to reference at least one of their parents in the name. Since his dad had “Conquistador” as part of his name, I would name the new baby after a a famous Conquistador- how about “Cortes?”

Posted by Brandi Schoch on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Cieran?(keer-awn) It means little black one in Irish.

Posted by Sheila on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I suggest Manfred.
He just looks like a Manfred to me!
Very cute little guy

Posted by Phyllis Ziarko on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Being backlit, he looked so dark, he reminded me of looking into a bottle of India ink. Therefore, I think Inky would be a good name for him.

Posted by ABitNuts on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I like Bowden. It was the first thing that popped into my head, and it’s almost, sort of, a little bit like a combination of his parents’ names.
He’s a cutie-pie!

Posted by Meggory on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about “Apu Machu” which is the Incan name for the conquistador Pizarro, which ties his name in nicely with his father’s.

Posted by Laura (Laurita on Ravelry) on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

What a cutie!! I’ll call him Pancho, for no special reason. I just look at his lovely face and feels like he’s inner name is Pancho ;)

Posted by Sara on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I suggest Jameel, it means beautiful in arabic, and I think it suits him because of his proud posture :)

Posted by Anjali on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Arnav? It’s an Indian name.

Posted by Brooke Bowen on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Nemo. Sounds very majestic. After Captain Nemo, not Nemo the fish!

Posted by Lesley Morris on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Well, I have two that I couldn’t choose between. One is from my favorite character in a children’s book, Charles Wallace.
The other is for a similar idea as the response above that said he is loveable, which would be to name him Valentino.

Posted by Lindy Winnell on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I would name him Istador, because it means ‘hides in the dark’, and he is midnight black and it is part of his fathers name,
Conquistador. I live in Victoria Australia and there was/is a race horse who has superb speed and is the father/sire of many winning horses. You said the little Alpaca was very speedy. I would name him Istador.

Posted by Bianca on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54


Posted by Susie on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

George as in Curious George. He looks like he’s wear it well.

Posted by Kathy on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

A very handsome young man indeed! How about Kokopelli? According to Hopi Indian legend, Kokopeli (the flute player and traveling prankster) was the symbol of happiness, joy, and fertility. He would visit villages playing his flute, carrying seeds in his backpack (the “hump” he is pictured as having). Everyone would sing and dance through the night. Then, while the people slept, Kokopeli would roam the corn fields, playing his flute. The next morning the people would awake to find the corn almost full grown and Kokopeli gone. One legend has it that he is responsible for the end of winter and the coming of spring. When, the story goes, Kokopeli comes playing his flute, the sun comes out, the snow melts, the green grass grows, the birds begin to sing, and all the animals gather around to hear his songs.

Posted by Bex on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Koli which means coal or dark?
Certainly is a cute little one thats for sure!

Posted by Kathie Nowill on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Just had another thought – Corbie is the old Scottish word for Raven…seems to fit.

Posted by flyingmule on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Beso del Conquistador
… because he’s the kiss of the Conquistador!

Posted by Nancy on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Truffle? He looks just like a dark chocolate truffle to me.

Posted by Lindy Winnell on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I would name him Istador,it means ‘hides in the dark’, also it is in his fathers name, and as you said he is midnight black. There is/was a speedy race horse in Australia called Istadaad, he also is the father of many winners. So I would name the gorgeous little Alpaca Istador.

Posted by Kathie Nowill on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I think you should name him Shimmy. It’s a reference, of course, to the old song "Shimmy, shimmy Cocoa Pop. He’s certainly chocolatey and looks wonderfully sweet, but the name Cocoa Pop would be too pedestrian. Shimmy seems to imply all the sweet, chocolatey goodness and perhaps a bit of the impishness that shows in his demeanor.

Posted by Rebecca on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

For a descriptive name, I would propose Obsidian (pretty black volcanic rock). But for some reason the name Sherwin also pops out at me.

Posted by Michelle on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Your new addition obviously has star quality and deserves a name that reflects it. I love a good play on words so, here’s what I came up with:
Al PacaCino (“say hullo to my little friend) my favorite
Bob DeNERO (”are you lookin’ at me?) (Nero= black in Italian)
Nat King COAL
Ebony ZerScrooge
Since I keep thinking his shiny coat looks like black velvet, you can pay homage to every cheesy black velvet portrait you’ve ever seen— and just call him ELVIS.
What fun!
Regardless of the name you choose, congrats! He is lovely.
aka Mishknit on Ravelry

Posted by adleisia on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Since he has a father with such a strong name… and a mother with a Greek name (at least, I associate it with the Greek Daphne) I like “Zeus.”

Posted by Rachel K. on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Daphne is a name from Greek mythology, so sticking on that note…
Apollo. Although according to mythology, Apollo pursued Daphne, I’m sure it won’t be that way with your lovely alpacas. In the end, Daphne was changed into a laurel tree, which was sacred to Apollo. So there’s still that special relationship between Daphne and Apollo.

Posted by Amy Hineline on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I think “Blackice caballero”. It kind of goes with his father’s name.

Posted by KimnCocoa on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

My suggestion is Jett. For 2 reasons 1) You said he is fast and loves to run and 2) his coloring (jet black). Adorable!

Posted by pam on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54


Posted by Linda (roxyrana on ravelry) on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

howzabout ’Shadow ’
…. very cute, pretty boy !

Posted by Carolina on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Oh, he is so cute!
I would name him Lakrits (it’s the swedish word for licorice) because of his color and his cuteness :)

Posted by Stephanie on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I’ve always wanted an alpaca named Lord Selkirk, after the founder of my small town, but since I’ll probably never have one, I would share the name :)

Posted by Renee on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Trueno = Thunder Spanish
But also liked Dark Thunder = Oscuro Trueno

Posted by oonagh rabenwald on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

how cute?!?!!!!!
maybe snowmelt…..for the dark, wet earth after the snow melts away (referencing back to his daddy!!)………
have fun with the little critter!!
-oonaghfibersmyth on rav

Posted by Lea Lohstretere on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

What a cutie!
How about LICORICE as his name?

Posted by Marsha on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

He’s beautiful! I have three suggestions.
Two names that reflect his South American heritage:
Auqui – a prince (Inca)
Tupac – he who shines (Inca)
Or perhaps, a Spanish name in memory of the Conquistadors:
Beltran – bright raven (Sp.)

Posted by Em on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

My brain comes up with ‘George’. :)

Posted by Melissa Parscal on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Well Since you say he is independent and it sounds like he has a little alpaca swagger thing going on how bout Jack Sparrow. At least his curls match Johnny Depp’s. lol. It should be interesting to see what you end up naming him.

Posted by Jackie on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

As he is frothy and black, I think Guinness would be a good name :)

Posted by Holly Barcelo on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I would name him “Chinook” or “Chinook Wind”, slightly in reference to his father in that he’s the thaw rather than the snow and I think the name helps capture some of the strength and energy he so obviously possesses

Posted by Susan Wendt on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

He looks like a Coco to me.

Posted by Mariya on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Scout? Not only because he’s curious and likes to investigate things, but also after the character in to “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Posted by Sue on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Oh my so many suggestions already. I could only think of Midnight Run or Fast Freddie…

Posted by Kirsten on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Zorro. Definitely Zorro.

Posted by JoyceAnna on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

the name Columbus called the people when he landed

Posted by Audra on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Ebon Springstep.
“Ebon” for obvious reasons and “Springstep” because he is energetic and like to jump.
He is beautiful, no matter what his name is.

Posted by LDSVenus on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

What a beautiful black cria! Because you said he looks and acts like his father you could call him Conquistador’s Shadow. :)

Posted by Turtle on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

He is adorable…you are so lucky to be able to have these wonderful animals around you! Have you ever seen the hat pattern on Knitty called Topi? I have made one in an orange but would love to make one the same color as this handsome lil man….so i think he would be a perfect Topi (like Opi with a T)

Posted by Erin on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Heathcliff? He seems to have a Wuthering Heights air about him. He’s a beautiful boy!

Posted by Wanda (deliknitter on rav) on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I have a very simple name for him — Coal. We have a poodle with that name because he is as black as coal.

Posted by Kate on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Name “SMUDGE” for your new baby alpaca, from Kate

Posted by Chrissy on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I think his name should be Eclipse because his coloring is dark like when the moon blocks out the sun!

Posted by Jenny on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Shaggy! You’ll have Daphne and Shaggy and if you keep it up, you’ll eventually have the whole Scooby gang!

Posted by Holly Kubick on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Naming the new Alpaca:
Ebony Eyes- Ebony being black and while they all seem to have very dark eyes, you can hardly find his amidst the fur.

Posted by Ana on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Since his mom’s name is Daphne, I think a D name might be nice. Something like Dudley, Derby or…Digger? Just a few suggestions. :)

Posted by Kristin on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

What a beautiful little boy! Oooo I could just snuggle him right up!! He looks like a Boris to me. I don’t have a reason, but he just looks like that should be his name!

Posted by danielle on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

The Dark Knight – and you can call him Knight for short!

Posted by knittingsamurai on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Nevins. You can say it really fast or with exasperation and it sounds great either way. Nevins!

Posted by pj on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

It is an irish imp/fairy, he is a coal-black horse sometimes and a bad imp others.

Posted by Melissa Burnett on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

auntteek1 on Ravelry suggested AL PACINO.

Posted by Alice W. on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I’m not real good at coming up with names, but here is my shot at it:

Posted by Sarah on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

To riff on Snowmass Conquistador, how about Black Diamond? As in, a very tough ski slope. He who conquers the Black Diamond would be the Snowmass Conquistador, as it were. :-)

Posted by Mary BEth on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Sirius (from Harry Potter- he definitely had a swagger! and his last name is Black)
Chullo- just because I like it
Pepe (le Pew- who has a definite swagger and a bounce in his step)

Posted by Heather on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I’d name him Flint due to his dark black coat. He’s really lovely!

Posted by Frances on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

“Hershey”…dark and not really sweet, but is still great.

Posted by billie g on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54


Posted by Tiff on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I would name the dashing young boy Puck, after the sprite in Midsummer Night’s Dream. He’s energetic and looks like a sweet little trickster! Congrats to you all, he’s lovely!
w0sslingcrochet on Ravelry.

Posted by Melissa Burnett on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Make that AL PACACINO. I read it wrong :)

Posted by Stephanie Rousseau on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Awww… this little fuzzy guy is so cute. When I first looked at him, I got a deep hankering for some really dark chocolate. How ’bout Valhrona for a name? Rich and yummy, just like alpaca yarn. :-)

Posted by Rebecca Walkup on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Tossing my hat in the ring here: Cappucino and you can call him “Pucci”.

Posted by trek on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Branduff (means black raven)
Tucson (means black base)

Posted by Sabrina on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Johnny Cash for the man in black himself.

Posted by Andrea on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Black Purl?

Posted by Debra Lapiers on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I would suggest Loki… the prankster. Short simple and too the point :)

Posted by Patricia on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

To come up with a name, I searched Greek mythology, since your new alpaca’s mother is called Daphne. I found several possibilities, but three struck me as best. The first is Ladon, because he was Daphne’s father. The second is Agon, the god of contests (whose altar was at Olympia, the site of the first Olympic games), because of how you’ve chosen to come up with your baby’s name. The third is Plutus (also known as Ploutos), god of wealth, because your baby will enrich your life in many ways. :-)

Posted by lemurphilospher on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

He looks like a Black Beard to me.

Posted by Eileen Hansen on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

2 suggestions:
Noche del Norte, because of his father’s name.
Humphrey Bogart, because he was cool and starred in so many film “noirs”. :)

Posted by Terry Guy on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

If he were my baby alpaca, I would name him Chocolate Chip, and call him “Chip” as a nickname, because he is a “chip” off the old block, meaning a lot like his father. He certainly is beautiful!

Posted by Jess on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I say Antonio. He’s dark-haired, silky, and proud – and his daddy obviously had some Spanish ties with a name like “Conquistador.” :)

Posted by May on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Here comes corny.. :D
Mighty Bruce. Just Bruce for short. (But not Bruce Almighty :) )
He is inky, so I think dark, and then dark knight, and so Batman and then Bruce Wayne. Didn’t much care for the Wayne part, so I settled on Bruce.
In honor of his sire, whose name translates into Conqueror, I chose ‘Mighty’. Hence, Mighty Bruce. It also sounded cheeky enough for a young ‘un, and eventually he’ll grow into it :)

Posted by Robert Mott on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Don Juan Rodriguez de Lompoc

Posted by LeslieEileen on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I’m thinking of Cole Porter. Cole sounds like coal. And Cole Porter wrote wonderful lyrical songs while wearing alpaca suits and coats with great finesse.

Posted by Sarah on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Quetzal— after a curious, colorful, proud South American bird. The bird is a rainbow of colors, but your guy is just one, lovely one. If you wanted to point that out, maybe midnight quetzal?

Posted by Annette on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Winston came to mind as soon as I saw the picture. He looks so sure of himself.

Posted by susan teffs on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

with the power of the great trumpteer.

Posted by Sarah on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

He is Horace. I know he does not look like it just now, but when he is grown, he will totally be a Horace.

Posted by Melinda on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I would name him “Conan Noir” Conan for Conan O’Brien (or the barbarian if you like) and Noir, obviously for his beautiful color.

Posted by Max Robinson on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I like the name Thunder’s Herald. He seems proud, bold, and agile to me, like the dark warning clouds before a thunderstorm.

Posted by Jenn on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I would vote Aquilus, the Latin for black or dark-colored. I also think it matches his proud stance.

Posted by Heather Jackson on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I thought of music when I read your comments can’t you just see him dancing across the pasture? I have to go with Mozart.

Posted by Joi on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

So many terrific names! He’s absolutely gorgeous! What about Midnight Kohl? Or the obvious – Prince Charming. because he is the son of a Conquistador & a lovely goddess, and he has already charmed the pants off of everyone!

Posted by knitmomma on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Oh, he’s beautiful! So very sweet and soft…
Ebony Lightning, perhaps?

Posted by Robocass on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Stilts or Tippy toes because his legs are so looong!
(But I guess all baby alpacas look like that)

Posted by PICAdrienne on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Conquistidor Preto
which is Portuguese for Black Conquistidor

Posted by Georgina on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Kohlmass or Midnight Mass or Abraham or Eli … I could go on and on !!
He’s a stunning lad and I’m sure he’ll give a beautiful yield of exquisite yarn.

Posted by Laura on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Claude, as in Claude Monet, which is the name of my beautiful back kitty who is currently sitting in my lap as I try to type this.

Posted by Bety on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I looked at him and thought “Nebuchadnezzar” Nebbie for short.

Posted by kateweb on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

pickles , just because it’s an odd fun name for an animal I had a cat named pickled dog brains we called him pickle , and he was the boss

Posted by Danica on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Don Juan! He certainly swept me off my feet!

Posted by Shivb on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Just because …

Posted by Kate on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I don’t know why but I like Francoise :)

Posted by Judith Harmon on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Hi I was looking at the picture and the name Inky Al popped into my mind but it sounds like a gangster so then I thought that Raven might be a good name He is as cute as can be.

Posted by Beth Hufford on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

He just said Harald to me (norse style, not Harold) Or Herold- the messager, fleet of foot, for-runner, etc.

Posted by Holly Hamling on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I looked at him and thought, he has that same oh so serious look of my Beagle Atticus Finch. So I am saying Atticus Finch should be his name. We named our beagle that because he looks so serious, but is really just a ball of love. And I can see that in your baby here, he looks serious, but loves to run around and have fun.
dreamerprincess79 on ravelry

Posted by Carmen on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Somebody already proposed a variant of licorice – the spanish name for that is Regaliz (wish is regal-ish, LOL)
another that comes to mind is Machin – in honor of the cuban composer Antonio Machin, who has a famous song about how painters always forget little black angels in their paintings.
I know there is a reason why my pets are always named by somebody else, LOL

Posted by JoAnna on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

My suggestion is Poe (like, Edgar Allen).

Posted by Shayna on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Steve. (This is funnier if you like Scrubs, but still funny even if you don’t.)

Posted by Darja on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I don’t know why, but Huckleberry Finn comes to my mind watching this beautifull blackie….
Darja on Ravelry

Posted by Thea on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

He’s so cute.Well, How about Greece Lightening. Since he likes to run, and his mother has a Greek name.

Posted by JoAnn on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about Midnight Runner!

Posted by Caitlyn Williams on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Cuzco, because alpacas live in Peru, and I think it sounds masculine, yet sweet…

Posted by Susan Couper on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Looking to the future I think of him as Velvet Thread Csec

Posted by knitredsox on Ravelry on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Ciaran- Gaelic/Irish name meaning dark or black.
He’s a love…

Posted by Leora on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

The photo makes me think of those pictures purportedly taken of the Abominable Snowman — not really real. So I like YETI.

Posted by Paty on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I would call him Coal for obvious reasons :)

Posted by Shelly Brown on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I like “Crown Prince” because he just seems to be standing there very regally.

Posted by Elaine - elaine52 on Ravelry on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

When I saw him the name WIDGET came to mind. That is my choice. :-)

Posted by sandy on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

What about Shadow? I had lovely black dog that followed me everywhere. His name was Shadow.

Posted by JoAnn on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Forgot to post reason for Midnight Runner
Midnight to match his color and Runner since you said he likes to run!

Posted by Caleb Richter on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I think you should name him Black Velvet/Black Beauty. Because of the way you described him being soo soft and always liking to run, that’s why I came up with Black Beauty like the horse Or BB for short cause you said he’s really fast:) He is adorable I really want to own some alpacas someday : )

Posted by Peggy Baxter on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

“Stormy” is my suggestion. This brings to mind, dark black clouds full of rain, giving nourishment to parched land and thus the cycle continues.

Posted by Knittingdancer on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

When I saw the picture I thought “MIDNIGHT” because he is so dark.
Knittingdancer on Ravelry

Posted by Angela Ancelet on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I’m gonna say Thor. His dark coat reminds me of thunder clouds.

Posted by Hollis on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

I like Brooklyn.

Posted by PBnJ (Holly) on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

How about a name with “Dark” in it such as “Dark Knight” (or “Dark Night”) or “Collin out of the Dark”
He’s a cutie! If he had a bad temperament, though, you could call him “Prince of Darkness” LOL!
How about “Lurkey” ?

Posted by HeidiKnits @ Ravelry on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54


Posted by jude tarrant on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:54

Daphne’s Coal seems perfect to me! He is amazing!

Posted by Melanie Williams on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

How about Conquistador’s Trouble..sounds like trouble to me

Posted by Sheri Karobonik on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

How about Eric, he sounds a lot like my son, like to pose for the camera, all guy except when it comes to mommy time.

Posted by Penny Tallman on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

The names I came up with are
Black Lotus
Hombre de la Noche

Posted by Alex on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53


Posted by Beth on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

How about Whisper

Posted by Criquette on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Paco Noche.
Please give him a big hug for me – what an adorable baby!

Posted by Lauren on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

or Asher, which means blessed or happy.

Posted by Bobi on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

How about Conn. Nice strong name for a beautiful boy.

Posted by Chase B. on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

He looks like a Dante to me.

Posted by Kristin on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

I was thinking of Midnight or shadow walker!

Posted by Juanita McCants on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

When I look at him I hear the name, Earthsearcher.

Posted by Nancy Hannah on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Ink or Tinta ( en espanol) my fav, but the other came to mind below.
Midnight Sun or Sol de Medianoche ( spanish)

Posted by Timiae on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

I like Spaniard. Or Traveler.

Posted by Kathleen on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Oh, I like MediaNoche (Spanish for midnight), or Vainita (Peruvian term for Stringbean!) Noche Criolla?

Posted by Lynn Higginbotham on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

I’ve come back to this pic everyday for a week and the same name and image keeps popping in my mind….
It reminds me of a drawing of a comic book superhero I saw years ago. I think it’s the shadows around the face and eyes.
I see him as Hornet, as in the Green Hornet..

Posted by Andrea (noricum) on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

I’m bad at names, but how about Espresso Bean for his dark colour and high energy?

Posted by diastelo on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53


Posted by Theresa on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

hmmm… Ebony? Onyx? Blake? (from Blaek, meaning black), Sin? hmmm… lots to go from on the Black wool… love him… he is gorgueous, and I’d love to spin up his wool some one of these days. :)

Posted by Michele on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Fancy Pants.
Just looks like he’s wearing old fashioned pants tucked into high boots. Or maybe I’ve been reading too much Jane Austen lately.
mmclark on Ravelry.

Posted by Laura on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

I like Charcoal Blazer for his color and love of running.
All of our pet’s names have had something to do with their breed, color, or chatacter. Shepard/husky mix named Pal, Dana a shep/great dane mix. Dez a shep/dingo mix came pre-named as a rescue, and is nick named Dizzy Dingo. Our cat Milly came from a feed mill. Sarge (sargeant stripes)was her orange tiger kitten, and greyness was her grey tri-color. Tawney is a grey tiger with white and tawney patches, and Mocha, a chocolate point siamese. Our turkey’s name was Gobble (what else?).

Posted by Nise on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Peat: because it’s dark in color, can turn into coal, and sounds like a regular name (Pete) but isn’t.

Posted by Mikey on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

He is a cutie …I think his name should be “Hershey”…like the candy bar…he is sweet enough…lol…

Posted by Tabitha Kristen on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Hm, how about a mix of his parents names? Like, Daphador? I also like these names.
Cadbury : Because he looks so sweet _
Asher : Hebrew meaning Blessed, happy.

Posted by D. Merriman on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

My suggestions is Dark Star

Posted by Carmen on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

How about Bear? His coat looks like a black bear (and I love giving name of other animals to the wrong species :).
Or Black Conquistador after his father?
Or Sombrio which I believe means dark in Portuguese.
Also thought of “Nevermore” (Poe’s Raven), but not sure I like that one.

Posted by Kelly on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

I don’t know what, but something about the color of black makes me think of a beautiful night sky.

Posted by Annette Riebe on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Black Diamond!

Posted by Lorraine on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Midnight Sun.
He is as dark as the night but,he is as bright as the sun.
He is really beautiful and,I wish him well.

Posted by Christine on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53


Posted by vaj4bratz on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

I think Sorcerer would be a good name. They’re know for being dark & he is magical.

Posted by Nancy N. on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53


Posted by Irene on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

What about:
Black sun
Since his father is called Snowmass Conquistador, the son should be Ash Explorador.

Posted by Leila Elena Marcial, MSN, CNM on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

How about – Rockey – my son had a ferret named Rockey for 8yrs. He liked to ‘dook’ & dance around & was VERY curious, like this little boy. Rockey was sssssooooo sweet. My son still misses him.
Instead of Humphrey Bogart just name him BOGEY. short & sweet, & still dark like the original Bogey.
Rockey or Bogey are my choices.
I’m sorry to hear about your baby alpaca loss, please make sure that the mom is comfortable; her milk will come in & she may become engorged…& then she’ll not feel well (milk & no baby).

Posted by Sherri on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

How about Obsidian, after the black gemstone? You could nickname him Obie. He is so adorable!

Posted by Aviva Rosenberg on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

spring13 on ravelry

Posted by Jodie Lucas on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53


Posted by Jocelyn on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

What about Firenze? :)

Posted by Yvonne on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53


Posted by Ingrid on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Phoenix (after the bird which flew out of the ashes).

Posted by renee on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Ooooh, scratch Legs Bentley! I got one I like better: Valentine!

Posted by renee on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Legs Bentley…just because he seems to have a lot of leg going on. He’s gorgeous!

Posted by Ellen McKinney on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

i suggest Black Bliss, because his fiber will be pure bliss to knit, or Corbie (Scots for raven or crow) because of his color.

Posted by grandmasaysso on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Since he likes to dash about- How ‘bout naming him after the world’s fastest human who also happens to be of dark skin.
His name is Usain Bolt, from the Jamaican Olympic Team. A co-incidence that his last name is Bolt!
Your Alpaca is ssssooooooo adorable!!

Posted by Jolene on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

How about " Jet " as in Jet black? a name like Jet sounds strong and masculine :)

Posted by Kristine King on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Al – just makes sense to me.
Al the Alpaca

Posted by angela crowe on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

velvet prancer, double mocha, truffle delight, chocolate knight

Posted by Brenna on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

I’m really not sure why but I look at him and the name “Dilly” sprung to mind. Whatever you choose, he certainly is a cutie pie!

Posted by Sandi W. on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Hi the first name that came to mind was Black Star. He looks light the black night sky, but I bet he will be the Star of your lives.

Posted by Max on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

If you want something mythological yet related to his South American origins, you could call him
…Anubis being the black, dog-headed Egyptian god of the dead, with a nod to the Andes. It rolls off the tongue, too!

Posted by Max on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Erebus, the greek god of the night and shadow, is very distinguished and would sound good on a ball band around his sleek, shadowy wool!

Posted by Kathleen on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Night Sky

Posted by LorrieJane on Ravelry on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

‘Montezuma’ – call him ‘Zuma’ for short.
He was the fifth Aztec emperor. Sounds like this little guy struts around like he comes from royal blood!

Posted by Susanna on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Ivan, why, I don’t know, he looks like an Ivan.

Posted by serenityslr on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

well if I am not too late I would like to say … BLANKIE… I hope that’s not horrible of me but when I saw him the first thought that came to mind was how his coat reminded me of a nice warm blanket. He is so adorable congratulations on him.

Posted by MARLENE JONES on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

I think the name Pronk would be cute.

Posted by Liz on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Roger, suggested by my son
wallrue on ravelry

Posted by Tacha Trimm on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

Black Jack
Pitch (as in pitch black)
Lights Out

Posted by Jane George on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

I like Duff of Conquistador. Duff is Gaelic for Black, it is the female usage, the male usage was Dwayne, an alpaca with such a regal bearing is not a Dwayne, no offense to all the Dwaynes out there.

Posted by Dena White on Wed, Oct-05-2016, 17:53

I go for the obvious…. “Harry”. There is something absurdly funny about an overly obvious name.

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