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German short-rows are becoming more and more popular, and I love them. They're truly invisible, and they're so easy to work.

Sometimes called the double-stitch, German short-rows are simply accomplished by pulling the working yarn over the top of the needle and knitting or purling back to the next turning point, according to the pattern you're knitting. 

Kelley recently used this technique when knitting her Geology Socks. Here she is to show you this wonderful skill.

Directions for German Short-Rows

1. Knit or purl to the turning point as directed in your pattern and turn your work.

2. Move the working yarn to the front if it’s not there already.

3. Slip the first stitch on your needle purlwise and pull the working yarn over the needle to create the double stitch. (The "double stitch" is actually created from the two legs of the stitch below. Pulling the working yarn over the needle pulls those legs up onto the needle, and it looks like two stitches.)

4. Reposition the yarn if necessary by moving it to the front to purl or moving it to the back to knit.

5. When short-rows are complete, work each double stitch as a single stitch, knitting or purling the double stitches together.

To see step 5 in action, here is Michelle Hunter's video about German short-row heels. She begins working the double stitches together starting at minute 20:20.

Kelly shares all kinds of great techniques like this every week on Technique Tuesday on Facebook Live. Join her every Tuesday at 9:30 am Pacific!

Kathleen Cubley
Kathleen Cubley

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