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Tuesday Night Knitting & Crocheting

Hi Folks, it's Maria here from Alpaca Direct!  Tonight from 6-8pm Tina and I are joining our fellow knitters for a couple of hours of kidless, spouseless, petless, knitting and crocheting! This is a chance for fiber artists of all levels to gather in our cozy store and bask in the presence of beautiful yarn and like minded individuals. We also offer classes during these two hours so lack of skill is no excuse! Come on out and join us for a laugh or two. I'll make you a warm cup of tea and feed you chocolate :)

Tues. class

Above is a photo from last weeks class. Kelley (owner of Alpaca Direct) is standing behind one of the gals, wearing her dazzling smile, helping her learn a stitch.

Patty 1st block

Here, Patty is showing off her 1st block of the Building Blocks Afghan! Patty finished our Knitting 101 class just last month and look at her go. Beautiful job Patty!

Get your coat and your hat. I'm saving a seat for you.



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