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How to pick up stitches on an afterthought heel

How many times have you picked up the stitches on an afterthought heel and realized afterward that the finished product didn't look exactly perfect?

I designed His and Hers Toe-Up Mukluks  love to knit these little beauties as my feet are always cold!

warm and wooly mukluks

I decided to construct my mukluks from Ultra Alpaca Chunky because I love the warmth of alpaca and the durability of wool. Plus, Ultra Alpaca is an excellent product at a great price point. It's a match made in Heaven! Also, using chunky yarn makes for an extra warm, quick-knit project. Your loved ones will wear these for years.

I just figured out a new trick and wanted to share it with you. It makes the afterthought heel pick up a breeze. First, use a much smaller needle than the one you knit with to pick up the right-hand leg of each V, or knit stitch.

scrap yarn after thought heel

And then, instead of cutting the contrast yarn, leave it in place while you knit the first round. That way your scrap yarn is stabilizing each stitch as you knit the first round of your afterthought heel.

first knit round on afterthought heel

The result is a perfect pick up all the way around. When you're done, cut the scrap yarn in the center and remove each side.

afterthought heel with scrap yarn removed

Voila! You now have a perfect afterthought heel.

afterthought heel complete

If you try this afterthought heel technique, please share your end result here and any comments that may help others with their afterthought heels and with picking up stitches.

Download the free pattern, His and Hers Toe-Up Mukluks, patterns now!



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