Celebrate the joy of hand-knit socks!

There’s nothing like the post-holidays for crafters: a time to take a deep breath, shift gears, and pick up a project you’ll truly & thoroughly enjoy. No more Christmas deadlines, no more second-guessing sweater sizes... It’s just you & your yarn! So, in honor of your newfound freedom, we’re spotlighting a perennial favorite “process project”: socks!

Especially for those of us in chilly climates (there’s a blizzard warning here in Idaho!), socks represent instant comfort, for both the wearer and the knitter. Just imagine yourself snuggled under your favorite blanket, smiling warmly as a ribbed cuff becomes a stripy leg, or as a stockinette toe braids itself into a cable motif across the foot. Socks are as simple or as challenging as you want them to be-- a rare treasure in the world of fibercrafts.

We’re celebrating socks all month long at our store in Idaho, culminating in our first-ever Sock Night on February 7. Knitters & crocheters all around the world are invited to celebrate along with us on our exclusive knitting community, KnitIdeas.com, on our Facebook page, on our Ravelry group, or right here on our blog. Share your best tip for smooth joins & turned heels, show off your masterpieces, or simply bask in the glory of all that sock yarn!

Ready to start your own pair? You’ll need 3 things: a pattern, a set of needles, and some irresistible yarn.

Pick a pattern... any pattern...

The first step to fab socks is finding a pattern you love (both for the design & for the construction!). Here are some of our very favorites: 

  • Knitted Socks book-- An absolutely wild collection of top-downcreations, featuring FairIsles, cables, lace, and even beadsPirouette socks
  • Pirouette Socks pattern-- Instant gratification knitters MUST try these! Great under slip-onclogs. 
  • Knitting Korner Sock I DVD-- Your own sock knitting teacher, on demand 24-7! Nenah guides you through knitting socks on 2 circular needles, one at a time
  • The Magic Loop booklet-- An indispensable reference for knitting socks on 1 circular needle, one at a time
  • Anna’s Basic Socks-- A great free basic pattern to use as a template for your own custom creations

We’re on pins & needles!

Most sock patterns can be worked in several ways: on double-pointed needles, on a small circular needle, on a long circular needle, or on two circular needles. No matter which style you prefer, we’ve got you covered!

  • Magic Loop knitters rave about our Addi needles! Flexible cables & silky-smooth joins will make your project a breeze
  • Simplify your sock knitting with these sturdy 9” Hiya Hiya circular needles! They’re one of our best-reviewed products-- 28 perfect scores from customers like you Sox stix
  • Great value & eco-friendly to boot: Brittany double point needles, made in California from sustainably-harvested birch
  • DPN lovers, look no further. Treat yourself to these gorgeous rosewood Sox Stix from Lantern Moon! Slicker than traditional wooden needles, but with more grip than metal, these are truly the Rolls Royce of double pointed needles!

And don’t forget, drool-worthy socks start with yummy yarn!

Alpaca Direct carries 12 devoted sock yarn product lines & dozens more multi-purpose yarns, so it’s easy to find the perfect color & fiber for whatever your imagination holds. Best sellers & sure-to-please picks:

  • Obscenely soft Misti Alpaca sock yarn in vibrant Hand Paint colorways & deep Tonos Carnaval colorwaysTrekking xxl
  • Self-patterning Austermann Step yarn does the hard work for you-- no cumbersome floatsor loose ends to tame
  • A rainbow of softness & durability: our Cascade Heritage sock yarn.Available in 25 solid colors & 10 handpainted colorways
  • Wildly popular Trekking XXL sock yarn has gorgeous self-striping colorways like Mimosa & Margarita Nights
  • Treat your feet to luxury with every step: our Unisono yarn is infused with aloe vera & jojoba to pamper your hands as you work & your feet as you wear the finished sock!

Happy knitting, and be sure to show us how they turn out!


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