by Kelley Hobart March 08, 2018 2 min read

I love knitting and I love staying healthy!  When I work out each morning it starts my day off with a burst of energy that carries me throughout the rest of the day.  Recently I was knitting a reversible baby blanket and by the end of the weekend, I was experiencing knitting pain in my arms and wrists. I mentioned this to my personal trainer at the gym I go to and we came up with some exercises specifically for knitters to allleviate knitting pain in your arms, wrists, back and shoulders.

In our Facebook Live video, Matt Grogran explains some quick and simple exercises you can do to keep your hands, arms and shoulder loose and comfortable while knitting. 

Matt is my personal trainer and also was voted the #1 trainer worldwide for Snap Fitness in 2017!  You can get more videos and tips from Matt's Facebook page here

You can view our FitTips for Knitters video here (About 30 minutes)

Here are the exercises we covered:

The following exercises can help keep your knitting parts “loose”

Every 30-60 min

Stretching: 2-3 rounds 5 seconds each

-Neck stretches 5sec each forward / tilted/looking side to side

-Forearms - interlaces fingers - arms extended in front of self & overhead

-Forearms - one hand with fingers points up pull on hand

-Posterior deltoid stretch shoulders - grab elbow – pull across torso - look in opposite direction

-Finger extensions / flexions 5-10 sec each

-arm overhead oblique/shoulder stretch

Myofascial release (Self Massage Techniques)

Spend a few minutes massaging these areas which are affected by knitting

-wrist - joints & tendons


-inside of thumbs

-traps (shoulders)

Refer to the following to build strength & increase posture

Free weight exercises (basics)

2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions


-Curl to overhead press

-Lateral/front raises


-Reverse Flies

-Tricep extensions

-Chest press

-Bicep curls

I hope you stay healthy and happy! 

~ Kelley


Kelley Hobart
Kelley Hobart

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