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Is it time for you to visit Peru?

1-18-2009 11-22-34 PM I just found this link on where people have posted photos and stories of their travels to Peru.Our travels to Peru reflect the words and feeling mentioned in the photos (as well as bring in wonderful memories).  Most of our products on Alpaca Direct originate in this wonderful country since this is were a vast majority of the world's Alpacas live. The people of Peru are kind and gracious. The diversity of the terrain and culture is incredible.  Many of the native skills (like weaving and knitting) are still handed down between generations as a part of the unique Peruvian culture.  Many of our products are hand-made in small villages throughout Peru and provide sustainable incomes and help to keep alive the traditions of knitting and fiber arts among the Peruvian people. We hope you enjoy the photos and someday have the opportunities we've had to visit this country and spend time with its people.

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