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by Amit Jivani January 18, 2018 2 min read

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I'm always looking for ways to design practical knitting patterns for our yarns, and my recently created Pocket Slouch Hat is one of my favorites. We just made it available as a free pattern for you to enjoy!   

Why have a pocket slouch hat? Because it fits in your pocket, of course. You never have to leave home without a hat, because you store it in your pocket; it will be ready and waiting to keep your head warm and toasty should the need arise. When you go inside where it’s nice and warm—and too hot for a hat—you can slip it into your pocket where it’s safe and sound until the next time you need it.

Where we live in North Idaho, they say if you don't like the weather, just wait 15 minutes! I know there have been many times when we've headed out on a hike or evening walk with the sun shining only to have the clouds roll in and the snow start to fall when we're halfway into our hike. 

For the Pocket Hat, I chose to use a simple slip-stitch pattern, as it gives you a little extra warmth. The working yarn is carried carried behind the slipped stitches, it there are two layers of yarn instead of one. The stitch pattern resembles ribbing but it is much faster to knit. This would be a great gift or a quick knit for yourself if you’re in a hurry.

I used SimpliCria yarn for the Pocket Hat. This yarn has a remarkable halo effect that is different and even more beautiful than most alpaca yarns I’ve seen. I love the tonal tweed effect of this worsted weight yarn, and the chainette construction helps keep all that wonderful alpaca intact and adds a touch of durability.

The alpaca in this SimpliCria is a higher grade alpaca than traditional baby alpaca, due to the lower micron count, and is very reasonably priced. Not to mention alpaca itself is a hollow core fiber that holds in the heat and does a better job of keeping you warm than regular wool. So, when warmth really matters, alpaca is my fiber of choice. It’s warm, it’s economical, and it truly works!

Even during the cold winter nights in Northern Idaho, I can wear my hat and I can’t even tell I have it on (other than my head feels toasty warm!).

I hope you enjoy this hat as much as I do.

Amit Jivani
Amit Jivani

1 Response


February 10, 2018

I love this pattern and yarn- it knits up quickly and is super soft. I feel like I’m missing something tho. In the decrease rounds there are only 2 rows of decrease? That’s def not enough to get down to 10 or fewer stitches by the end. What am I doing wrong?

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